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An instant way of dialing your number
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Elfsight Call Now Button is the handiest widget for any website, which makes it faster for clients to start a phone call. When used mobile, the widget dials your number, right after a person clicks on the phone bubble. On desktops, the click reveals your phone number on the site to help users start dialing immediately. There’s an option to not only show the number, but also create the call window, which includes the name and picture of your customer contact person and a short text. All the elements are flexible and allow configuring different looks of the interface. There’s also an option to select a trigger that shows the phone bubble and select a category of visitors who will see it.

Where can I embed Call Button

The widget can be added on any page of your website or on all the web pages. In the widget settings, there’s an option to insert the URLs of specific pages on which you need to enable the widget. Or apply Exclude feature and enter the URLs of exact pages where you need to prohibit displaying the widget.

How could I benefit from the widget?

You can have more phone calls from potential customers thanks to an immediate and easy way of calling you staying on the website. This can contribute to having more of personal conversations and convert visitors into new purchases. More to that, you can collect your database of leads.

What do I need to have Call Now Button?

You only need two minutes of time to activate Click To Call. Integration is really fast, free, and without-coding.

There’s an option to embed the Call plugin to your website through our service. For this perform the instructions below on this page.


To form a clear understanding of the widget, here’s a list of the major traits. They make this widget incredibly efficient for you:

  • Immediate dialing on mobiles;
  • Select one of options of widget placing: Left Floating, Right Floating or custom;
  • The option to demonstrate widget on certain pages or to exclude web pages;
  • 3 types of users for whom the widget will appear: all, new, and returning only;
  • Inbuilt widget opening triggers: time spent on the page, time on the site, scrolling percentage, or exit intention.

To explore more features, see live demo

How to add the Call Now Button to your jQuery site

These several actions are the only thing you need to do to embed plugin.

  1. Build your personalized Call plugin
    By means of our free demo, set up a plugin with a selected layout and functions.
  2. Receive the personal code to set up the plugin
    After you have customized your widget, you will acquire the installation code from the appeared window on Elfsight Apps. Copy it for later use.
  3. Publish the plugin on your jQuery site
    Define the place you want to reveal the plugin to and add the copied code there. Publish the results.
  4. You’re done!
    Visit the page, to take a look at your work.

Still have doubts? Or having problems? Simply write a request to our support teamб We will do our best to resolve any kind of issue.

Design jQuery Call Now Button easily!

You can reshape the parameters in our demo to create your widget and embed it on your site.


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