YouTube Regulations: Account Termination and Video Blocks

Do you have a YouTube channel and want to make your videos and account safe from blocking? Find out how to deal with any types of blockings in a couple of clicks.
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YouTube Regulations: Account Termination and Video Blocks

Reasons for getting an account blocked

Let’s list the basic reasons for getting a video or an account as such blocked.

Uploading content on a topic that is prohibited on YouTube

One of the reasons for getting blocked can be uploading content that violates YouTube rules.
  • Nudity or sexual content – YouTube doesn’t allow pornography or similar content, even if you’re uploading the videos of you.
  • Violent or graphic content – You are not allowed to publish violent content that aims to shock. Plublish more information about your videos so that the audience doesn’t misunderstand you.
  • Hateful content – videos that fuel hatred for certain individuals or groups of individuals on racial, ethnical or religious basis are not allowed.
  • Spam, misleading metadata, and scams – Spam in descriptions, tags and subtitles aimed at increasing the number of views and publishing off-target or repetitive content is forbidden.
  • Harmful or dangerous content – Don’t upload videos that might prompt others to perform actions that might harm them. These videos will be deleted, or the access to them will be age-restricted.
  • Copyright – Observe copyright. Content will be deleted in case you’re publishing videos that are not your own, or if you’re publishing parts of content or creator-owned tracks without a necessary permission.
  • Threats – Threats, stalking, intimidation, intrusion upon privacy, incitement of violence are serious offences and they might be punished with a permanent YouTube block.

YouTube spam limits

Almost every action on YouTube has got its limits. The purpose of this is to protect users from spammers. If you’re active on YouTube, try to stick to a certain limit.
  • Limits for video comments: 30-40 an hour (not more than 90 – 120 a day);
  • Subscriptions limits: no limit in time (maximum of 2000);
  • Messages limits: 20-40 unique messages a day;
  • Liked videos limit: 100 (the videos that don’t fit within the limit get removed);
  • Limits for uploading videos: no quantity limit, but there is a limit of 128 Gbytes;
  • Limits for deleting videos: no limit.
Some actions, such as comments and likes, have individual limits, based on how trusted your account is.
This is one of the most popular reasons an account gets blocked. To detect borrowed content, YouTube uses Content ID, a system that recognizes borrowed videos and applies the policy set by the copyright holder. Currently the system recognizes pieces over 30 seconds long and music over 10 seconds long.

YouTube Account Termination

This system was specially developed by YouTube to punish offenders. The system consists of three stages: blocking the video, decreasing the reputation and removing an account.

«3 – strike rule» blocking system:

  • 1st strike: warning;
  • 2ns strike: temporary suspension of account or other account features;
  • 3rd strike: termination of the account.
After the 3rd strike your account will be blocked, but you’ll have 90 days to email YouTube and try to recover your page with all of its content and subscribers.

Types of video blockings

There are 3 different types of video blockings:
  • Video gets blocked in all countries;
  • Video gets blocked in certain countries;
  • Video contains copyright-protected materials.
The first variant is the most dangerous one. When your account gets blocked, your reputation decreases, so you can’t upload a video that is longer than 15 minutes, and sometimes certain functions and monetization become unavailable. With the other kinds of blockings you can either keep a video if it brings good traffic, or remove it if you’re not sure that the copyright holders won’t give you a strike.
Simply deleting a blocked video won’t solve the problem! Moreover, if you want to remove a blocking, don’t delete the video. If you do, your objection won’t be considered.

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How to remove account blocking on YouTube

If you need this particular account, and setting up a new one is not an option for you, there are several courses of action you can take, depending on the gravity of your offense.

What can you do if you haven’t violated a copyright?

Apply to have the block lifted, using the following points in your defense:
  • By using this content, I don’t break the rules of bona fide content use according to copyright legislation.
  • I have a license of the copyright holder’s permission to use this content.
Choose one of these variants: you’ve used a short piece for citation purposes, you used a video that was uploaded according to Creative Commons license, or you have the author’s permission.
Important! If you’re sending an objection and the copyright holder doesn’t agree with your statement, they can strike your channel.

What can you do if you have violated a copyright?

You can try to find the copyright holder’s site or channel to contact them and ask them to remove the block. It is possible to negotiate this, especially when you’re not a deliberate offender.

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