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How to Write an Anonymous Google Review?

People tend to share their experiences over businesses leaving reviews in Google. Sometimes you don’t wish to share your personal information when writing a review, preferring to stay anonymous. In the article we will see how one can leave an appropriate Google review without providing personal information.
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Add Google Reviews to Describe Businesses

Businesses compete to provide us with services and products and gain trust among the customers. Customers are real people with needs to satisfy and concerns to cover. Therefore, businesses require a path of development, in order to become better. But how do businesses find out whether they are on the right track?

The article is dedicated to leaving a good feedback post even when someone wants to leave a review anonymously. There are ways to stay anonymous with your opinion, however they require a few efforts and you are still recommended to describe things decently and honestly.

A third-party view over the efforts of an entrepreneur is a key solution for those who want to progress. That’s why, as a customer, you contribute to a business development process when you leave a Google review concerning your experience. Right, you don’t only show other people if the company is worthwhile, but also help the company discover its weak spots to fix.

86% of people hesitate to do business with a company if it has too many negative customer reviews meaning that your feedback left in Google will force the company to take actions.

It is especially important to leave reviews in Google if you care about the business and plan another visit someday. Your wishes might be already taken into consideration until your next contact with the company. Certainly, you need to be realistic about your expectations and fair in what you criticize. We will delve into tips on leaving appropriate reviews in Google further which is especially important when you want to stay unnamed.

How to Write and Leave Anonymous Reviews in Google?

So, leaving a Google feedback post can often be beneficial and can hardly turn into something negative as long as you are fair, rational, and realistic. Still, there are situations or scenarios when you want to leave feedback anonymously for certain reasons.

Unfortunately, there is no one-click solution like enabling a tick into “anonymous review” when you are making a post. Google aims to defend businesses from fake, spam or irresponsible incognito reviews. Anonymity often decreased the quality of posts and companies were attacked by spammy feedback that wasn’t relevant. However, it is still possible to stay anonymous when leaving feedback.

Just change your Google name to leave anonymous reviews

The most effortless way to leave anonymous reviews is to edit your first and last name in the Google account settings. it will still be your account but the name can hold absolutely anything. This can turn you into an Anonymous User when your Google review is displayed. You will enhance your level of privacy if you believe that your Google review should be left incognito. The company representatives and other readers will see you new data when reading about your experiences.

Create a new Google account to leave anonymous reviews

Another option that enables you to leave reviews anonymously is to start a new account from scratch. You can come up with any alternative name and use this account to write and leave incognito review posts in Google. Introduce an alternative name or just invent something like Mysterious Customer to leave feedback in Google without revealing yourself. This new account can be your permanent tool for leaving feedback over organizations and companies.

Create new Google account for anonymous reviews

These are the two ways that can help you post feedback and opinions in Google anonymously when increased privacy is required.

Since 2018, Google has not permitted leaving anonymous reviews. The company didn’t aim to endanger one’s privacy. Google expected to decrease the number of irresponsible reviews that broke the rules of the company and norms of communication.

Why People Leave Anonymous Google Reviews

There are several reasons why someone might want to write and leave an unnamed Google review for a business’s services and products. Here are some common motivations:

  • Privacy. People may want to keep their identity hidden to protect their personal information from being associated with their opinions or experiences.
  • Fear of retaliation. In some cases, individuals might fear negative consequences from the company or its employees if they provide a critical or negative opinion.
  • Honesty. Anonymity can encourage individuals to be more honest in their posts, as they may feel less pressured to sugarcoat or exaggerate their experiences.
  • Avoiding bias. Anonymity can help individuals avoid any potential bias or favoritism, whether it’s for or against the company, by allowing them to focus solely on their experience.
  • Maintaining professional reputation. Professionals who want to share their honest opinions about a company they have interacted with may prefer to do so anonymously to prevent any potential conflicts with their professional image or affiliations.
  • Personal privacy concerns. Some individuals may be concerned about their personal information being shared or misused online, so they choose to remain unnamed when leaving Google reviews.
  • Sharing sensitive experiences. People may want to share sensitive or personal experiences with a company’s services or products but prefer not to reveal their identity.
  • Protecting relationships. Reviewers may have personal relationships with employees or owners of the company and want to avoid causing any strain or awkwardness in those relationships.
  • Avoiding spam or harassment. Anonymous profiles can help protect reviewers from receiving spammy or harassing messages from companies or other users in response to their feedback.
  • Unbiased anonymous feedback. Companies may encourage anonymity to ensure that the feedback they receive is unbiased and reflective of a diverse range of customer experiences.
  • Expressing dissenting opinions. Anonymity can empower individuals to express dissenting or unpopular opinions without the fear of backlash from others who may disagree.
  • Legal or ethical concerns. Reviewers who have concerns about legal or ethical issues related to a company may choose anonymity when sharing their experiences or observations.

It’s important to note that while incognito reviews in Google can offer some benefits, they also have drawbacks, such as potentially lower credibility and accountability. Google and other review platforms have policies in place to address issues related to fake or malicious opinions to maintain the integrity of their feedback systems.

Consider Whether It Is necessary to Stay Anonymous

As we have said, unnamed Google reviews add less credibility to the author and are more likely to be removed if a business asks Google to do so. Let’s see a list of possible outcomes when you opt for anonymous reviews:

  • Credibility concerns. Anonymous Google reviews may be perceived as less credible or trustworthy by other users, as the authenticity of the reviewer cannot be easily verified.
  • Lack of accountability. Anonymous status can lead to irresponsible or malicious texts without consequences, as there is no way to hold the reviewer accountable for false or harmful statements.
  • Limited context. Anonymous Google reviews often lack essential context, such as the reviewer’s demographics or personal preferences, which can make it harder for readers to relate to or evaluate the review.
  • Potential for abuse. Some individuals may misuse anonymity to post spam, defamatory content, or false claims, which can harm the reputation of organizations or individuals.
  • Missed opportunities for improvement. Companies may find it challenging to address issues or improve their services when reviewers remain anonymous, as they cannot engage in a constructive dialogue or resolve specific problems.
  • Difficulty in responding. When Google reviews are incognito, companies may have no way to contact or respond to reviewers to address their concerns or provide assistance.
  • Incomplete information. Anonymous profiles can result in vague or incomplete reviews, making it challenging for potential customers to make informed decisions based on the feedback provided.
  • Lack of accountability for reviewers. Reviewers themselves may not take their feedback seriously when they can remain anonymous, potentially leading to less thoughtful or accurate Google reviews.

Keep Your Anonymous Google Reviews Valid and Appropriate

If staying incognito is vital for you, you can still write and leave useful and exciting reviews for businesses and other customers. In this section we suggest recommendations that will let you leave a decent Google review, while being an anonymous user.

1. Be polite and reasonable in your Google reviews

Being incognito, please, stay responsible enough to write and post reasonable Google reviews without hate speech and abuse. it doesn’t only add trust and truthfulness to such reviews, but also looks like biased bullying. Also, the business will not have difficulties when applying for removal of the inappropriate Google review.

2. Be honest and don’t exaggerate

We all feel differently about facts that surround us, however you shouldn’t imagine points for the review, in order to make your story post more spicy. You are free to describe your experience and your feelings. Still, the review needs to be true and not include things that didn’t actually happen. The most valid reviews are those that find acknowledgement in other people’s reviews.

Quotation: Reviews of 500 characters or more have the largest impact on conversion rate. So, try to add more relevant information. At the same time, don’t type symbols just to reach the recommended amount. Sense and usefulness are primary goals.

3. Speak about details when leaving a review

Try to help the customers imagine everything before they visit the place. Don’t just say that you liked the light in the restaurant. Describe why it was special and created that special effect for you. Provide real examples and situations to make your Google review more individual and trustworthy. 

4. Add value to your Google Reviews

When you leave a Google review, it is good to remember about the value you add to your post. You can also help customers make their experience better. For instance, if you describe a museum, you can focus on some exhibitions that are definitely worth visiting if one has little time. Or you can leave a review that will hold tips for the business holder. try suggesting certain ideas, like adding more tables to a cafe or putting less ice into beverages.

Reasons to Write and Leave Reviews in Google About Businesses

As we have already mentioned, there are two key reasons why it is a nice idea to leave a review and post it in Google. These reasons influence company development and customer behavior.

First of all, by leaving feedback you help fellow customers to make a decision whether to address the company or avoid it. Others will see what drawback the company has and understand if it is alright for them or not. Also, your positive feedback in Google over some aspects of a company may drive many more customers to it.

Secondly, the businesses themselves use Google reviews as indicators of what they are hoping to reach with current resources and what should be changed. If numerous people complain about the same issue of the company leaving their Google reviews, a responsible business entity will likely react.

More reasons to leave reviews in Google

This way we find out that your posts on Google reviews can influence both the business and its potential customers. Let’s see some other examples of what a Google review can do for clients, for the business, and for you too!

Influence business strategiesBusinesses may find inspiration reading your Google reviews. They can upgrade current products or services and introduce new ones. Also, businesses may focus on fixing a certain disadvantage revealed in your review.
Become a trustworthy sourceWe constantly become customers of various companies, not always even being aware of that. However, not many people write reviews about their experience regularly. If you do, you may become a person whose opinion matters due to regular contributions with detailed and accurate reviews in Google. You can adjust whether you want the audience to see your other written reviews.
Get assistance and fix problems directlySince businesses care about their reputation on the internet, they tend to react to Google reviews left. If you post a review with a specific problem you faced, a representative from the company may reply proposing a resolution. People will see that the business responds to customers’ concerns, while you will get a chance to fix your problem quickly and directly via your review.
Enhance contacts with the companyIf you post a really good review about a business, you may find new opportunities. For instance, a company may offer to work together on resolution of a problem you have discovered and left feedback about. Or maybe you will be awarded with a coupon or a free haircut (dinner, photo shoot etc.) for a helpful review. Who knows, you may become a beloved customer of this company with special privileges and extra bonuses.

Managing Google Reviews When You Are Business Holder

As you can see from our guide, Google reviews can be useful for both customers and businesses. In this section we would like to share some tips for the businesses. If you master your work with customer feedback in Google, you will be able to gain credibility and loyalty even among those clients who weren’t happy with your performance at first. 

  • Ask for feedback. If you see that someone is satisfied with your performance, you may ask a person to leave a Google review about your business: it is likely to be positive. This can be sensitive for many entrepreneurs, so we suggest reading about various options to ask for feedback.
  • Encourage feedback. Sometimes it is possible to offer a discount or a small gift in return for people’s feedback posts in Google about your company. Writing a Google review takes time, so people wouldn’t mind having a reward for leaving them. Don’t just buy reviews, but inspire a legitimate desire to thank you.
  • React to feedback and make adjustments. Analyze what opinions people leave to find and fix the weak spots of your activity. There is always a space for improvements and people can often add a fresh view to your operations. Be more open to feedback and consider making changes that your audience wishes for even if they don’t sometimes match your vision. It is surely your company, but it is customer satisfaction that gives birth to successful cases.
  • Demonstrate outstanding communication skills. Dealing with weak spots and troubleshooting activity is your chance to conquer the hearts of the customers. This is where you can show care, support, and individual approach to those who are not satisfied. Potential clients will see that you remain a polite and caring business holder when something goes wrong. They will be less worried if an unpleasant scenario happens to them too.
  • Represent your reviews clearly. You can display the result of your work on your website to show how you are doing and what people like about your company. For instance, you can use a Google Reviews widget by Elfsight where you can adjust the appearance and contents of your reviews panel. You can quickly begin creating your custom widget right in the demo below:

More about Elfsight’s widget for Google reviews

Widgets are no-code solutions for websites that save efforts for companies and their online presence. Elfsight’s Google Reviews allows you to embed a neat block with feedback to display your business’s advantages for potential customers.

The widget is designed to match all popular CMS builders, so it will definitely work on your website. At the same time, it won’t look awkward due to flexible design and alignment options that make the Google review block a natural part of your online platform. Also, Elfsight offers a range of features that provide an outstanding performance of the widget:

  • Adjustable filters. With Elfsight’s widget you can display only positive or relevant feedback posts in Google on a certain page. This way you will be able to focus on the positive sides of your activity and respond to the most acute customer needs. Try displaying informative posts that answer common questions from your customers and waive hesitations.
  • Rating and author details. You can switch on extra details for a stronger credibility of your reviews. You can display the name of the authors and their profile pics, as well as the date of the post and the stars given.This is not a great help for anonymous posts, but can provide an absolute transparency when showcasing personalized ones.
  • Review request button. The widget offers an opportunity not only to showcase your current feedback, but also to collect new reviews. You can add and adjust a welcoming button that will invite the audience to share their experience too. Thus, your proud collection of feedback will grow and there will be more Google posts to showcase to the visitors.

You can discover these and many other benefits, by visiting the features section of Elfsight’s Google Reviews. The widget is regularly updated to suit business’s needs and trends.

You will certainly meet anonymous posts or those with imaginary names. In case such posts are absolutely wrong, undetailed and full of anger, you can simply contact Google and find assistance in removing such texts. We also had an article on how you can remove negative reviews considering your business.

However many people just demand a higher level of privacy due to certain reasons and they can still leave opinions that provide value and useful tips. Keep being polite in your reactions to such opinions, since other customers look at your style of dealing with critics.

Anonymous reviews are not necessarily untrue. You can find useful insights for your development as well. People may sincerely hope for your improvement, without making it too personal for the next contact with your company. These can even be your regular customers who don’t feel like speaking about your weaker spots in person.

To Conclude on Leaving Anonymous Google Reviews

As we analyzed, sometimes it is vital to stay anonymous when leaving a Google feedback post over one’s experience with a certain company. This way people can avoid personal judgment, stereotypes and maintain their acceptable level of privacy. Being anonymous in google reviews is not a one-click option, but is not too complicated as well. In most cases you will want to edit your name in the Google account settings or just create an imaginary account to leave anonymous reviews.

Real feedback in Google pushes companies to development and helps other customers improve their experience of interaction with a certain service or product. This way reviews create mutual benefits, not even talking about possible opportunities for the author who can influence the brand’s strategy.

Google Reviews widget for websites

We also gave recommendations for the Google review authors who want to stay anonymous, but still leave useful and informative texts about their experience. Hiding your real name shouldn’t be a reason to be toxic, first of all. Anonymity is a tool to show more sincerity, not a worse version of yourself.

We concluded with tips for businesses, so that they could also gain more credibility, by displaying their reviews with such instruments as a Google Reviews widget by Elfsight.

Anonymous reviews left should be treated with the same attention as personal ones, since real people are behind them. They are not always negative and can become a pearl of a business’s feedback collection in Google.

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