How to Make Instagram Feed with Non-Square Photos Good-looking

Not so long ago Instagram released the feature which allows people uploading photos with any proportions. Such freedom was welcomed by users. But it brings chaos to the websites using Instagram Feed Widget. Don’t stay aside and learn more about the issue and its solution!
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How to Make Instagram Feed with Non-Square Photos Good-looking
A lot of Instagrammers were waiting for this feature for a long time. No matter what is the original size of your photo, now you are able to post non-square photos. This option opens up new opportunities for photographers, bloggers and others.
On the other hand, the chaos came in any grid with embed Instagram where pictures with different size proportions are displayed.

Non-square photos issue in Instagram widgets and plugins

More freedom for posting – more chaos in your Instagram feed. The new issue appeared. It refers to the outlay of photos in a grid presented in Instagram widgets and plugins. For now, images have different sizes and they are displayed in different proportions that’s why the feed can look terrible on a website. We’ve noticed that a lot of users of social plugins faced this problem on their websites. It also applied to our WordPress Gallery InstaShow. Below we present the screenshot of usual feed with non-square photos.
Instagram non-square photos issue
Usual website’s Instagram feed with non-square photos

Reviving Instagram square traditions

A pleasant look has a huge value for any product. Understanding it, we’ve released the new version of InstaShow.
InstaShow update 1.2.0 includes the new feature, which will automatically adjust any photo to the square layout.
With the help of this amazing update all images will be shown in the form of a beautiful grid. Thereby, we return good old tradition of a regular Instagram shape. By the way, any photo has its original size by opening it in popup. Check the new feature in operation.
We guarantee you that with our WordPress Instagram Feed InstaShow each photo will be look perfectly without any deterioration.
Instagram widget non-square photos solution
InstaShow feed with the same non-square photos

Make a click and say “Goodbye!” to chaos

Simple (but highly anticipated) feature needs simple installation. To activate the new opportunity is very easy. You have to visit following Instagram page, log in, choose the necessary Instagram client ID and check “non square media” option in its settings. The setting is shown on screenshots below.
Instagram Client ID settings for non-square photos
Instagram Client ID “non square media” option

InstaShow supports non-square photos since the version 1.2.0

The new version with non-square images feature is already available for download. Just visit instagram plugin’s page and update your InstaShow. Also you can read our detailed article about all new features and fixes in the version 1.2.0 for more information. Moreover, don’t forget to share news and subscribe us for interesting articles in social media – there is a lot more to come!
InstaShow – “non-square” freedom in each Instagram photo.
Instagram Feed InstaShow Preview