How To Add Email Link In Instagram Bio

Today the option to put the email link for contacting in Instagram bio is very common among the accounts of business and personal brands. In this article you will learn how to extend the functionality of this feature and show some use cases.
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How To Add Email Link In Instagram Bio

Adding contact details like email address to an Instagram website profile Link in bio is essential if you’re running a business account or developing your personal brand. But putting a simple inbox might not be enough for a wide audience since it requires writing a letter from scratch and is more suitable  for business communication. 

But you can also facilitate this process for your potential clients by placing a link to a special email form. After a client fills in the form you’ll get an inbox message with the structured information they’ve submitted. This is a perfect way to collect applications, leads, and feedback.

A Free Tool for Custom Email Link in Instagram Bio

Linking an email address to your Instagram profile bio is quite simple and intuitive, and there are several ways to do that. First, we suggest looking at examples and deciding on the goals and results you want to achieve. This way you can optimise your business strategy and then decide on the free or paid tools for this. While it can seem tricky, we offer you to take a look at Elfsight Form Builder, which is a tool for a smooth way of receiving a full customer application right at your email.

See a straightforward guide of how it’s done:

  1. Register a free account at Elfsight Dashboard.
  2. Choose the Apps Catalogue tab and find a Form Builder App there.
  3. Pick a template that is suitable for your use case and configure it in an intuitive online editor.
  4. Press ‘Add to website’ and switch to the Share Link option.
  5. Copy the link that appears in the popup and proceed to Instagram.

Your benefits if you choose Elfsight:

  • Quick screen size adjustment and mobile view compatibility;
  • The extensive functionality allows you to easily adapt apps;
  • Full freedom to customise the design of any application;
  • Suitable for personal brands and businesses of all sizes.

How to Add Email Link in Instagram Bio

It’s really easy to place or update the link in your Instagram bio. Just see the following steps for it:

  1. Go to your account and tap  Click the Edit Profile button. 
  2. Choose to paste the URL. Then select the option you want. 
  3. Paste the link into the URL field and enter the title  if you need it, or leave this field blank. 
  4. Tap Done to save  changes  and voila! You have successfully added a clickable link to your Instagram bio.
how to add email link to Instagram bio
how to add email to Instagram link in bio
It’s worth noting that you cannot use the mobile app interface for this now. The option of adding links is only available on the desktop version of the social media website. 

How to Add Email Address to Instagram Bio

There is also an option to put the Email button right to your Instagram profile. First, you need to switch your profile to a professional account, if you haven’t done that yet. Then take some simple steps to add your contacts to Instagram profile:

  1. Go to your account and press Edit profile.
  2. Then choose the Professional account tab on the right side menu.
  3. There you’ll see the fields for adding your business email, phone number, and physical address.
  4. If you want only the Email button to be shown, then leave all the other fields empty.
  5. Check the Show my contact information box and press Send.

Note that Contact buttons only appear on your profile in the mobile app, so you won’t see them if you’re editing your profile via desktop.

Best Link in Bio Email Templates for Instagram

Often placing a form to be filled by your audience members is more successful than placing your business inbox for contacting you. Linking an email form to your Instagram account bio is intended to request all the necessary data you need to plan any kind of appointment or reservation for your products and services. It is also more gladly filled by people, because it requires less effort than sending an email from scratch. That’s why forms show better performance for business accounts in terms of collecting leads and attracting more potential customers.

Appointment Template

This template helps you get more clients through social media with less effort. Inspire your subscribers simply to follow the link and fill in the email form to get appointments for your services or consultations about your products instead of sending many direct messages. This way it is easier for people to apply in case they’re interested, and you have a chance to save time by getting more leads automatically in your inbox.

how to add email appointment form to Instagram link in bio

Booking Template

If you’re running a business in a tourism and entertainment industry, then this template will let you receive more booking requests. Simply invite your audience to tap the link in your Instagram bio and fill in the email form and you’ll get their data in an arranged file right to your inbox. Having all the necessary information you’ll be able to arrange bookings faster and send confirmation letters to the indicated mailing box. This also is a great way to expand your newsletter subscribers base.

how to add email booking form to Instagram link in bio

Feedback or Survey Template

This template helps you to collect feedback from your clients or run various types of customer surveys by simply putting a link to your Instagram profile bio section. This is particularly important for improving customer satisfaction, finding areas of improvement, or fixing some issues that might arise. Doing it on Instagram is a good idea, because it’s social media people go to when they want to share a review, feedback, or get support in case they’ve faced a problem with a service or product. Giving your audience a chance to express their opinion might prevent public negative reviews.

how to add email feedback form to Instagram link in bio

Accomodation Registration Template

If you’re running a small hotel, guest house, or simply renting an apartment, this template will help you get more registration requests via your Instagram account. Nowadays, many people are browsing social media to find the best accommodation for their holidays. And if you’re promoting your rental services through Instagram, then putting a link to a special registration form will definitely bring more potential customers and make the booking process easier and smoother for both you and your guests.

how to add email registration form to Instagram link in bio


Why can’t email links be clicked in my bio section?

The  most common reason  your email address link isn’t clickable is because you added it to the wrong field on your profile. You should look for the dedicated Business Email Address field in the Professional Account tab of your profile settings. After that a Contact button will appear in your account. 

Do not paste it directly into the profile description field. Although Instagram audiences commonly call it Link in Bio, it doesn’t fit in the Biography section. To make your email interactive, see our guide on where to find the appropriate field on your profile. Content added right to the Biography description section is not clickable unless you include hashtags and other profile mentions.

Why Instagram link in bio doesn’t work?

There could be several reasons why your link is no longer available or not working on a profile or story. 

  1. First, you need to verify that your third-party tool build service is working properly, if you’re using one. Sometimes these services stop working and that’s why your URL doesn’t work. 
  2. Then make sure you paste the URL into the correct section of your profile (see our  guide above). 
  3. Other things you can try if a URL isn’t working include updating your app, clearing the cache, or reporting an error if nothing else works.

Also, the platform blocks some types of URLs and they don’t work that well. They consider them inappropriate for the platform’s audience. If this is the case, you will get a “Link Not Allowed” message. 

Here are the URLs that are usually blocked in account and sometimes in Stories: Snapchat or Telegram (users are no longer allowed to encourage others to follow them on Snapchat or  Telegram); Etsy stores links like; Any type of affiliate links, Explicit content, Spam and ads appearing on multiple accounts simultaneously; Links that are suspected to be phishing and also shortened links.

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