How to Create Recent Sales Notification Popup

Creating Recent Sales Notification popups doesn’t have to be complicated. This comprehensive blog post provides a step-by-step guide, along with useful tools and examples, to help you craft compelling popups that drive conversions and establish trust with your audience.
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How to Create Recent Sales Notification Popup

What is a Recent Sales Notification Popup?

The Recent Sales Notification popup has become a popular marketing tool for simulating real-time website notifications of recent purchases made by other customers. The idea behind this tactic is to create a sense of urgency and social proof, which makes it in high demand by many e-commerce businesses nowadays. 

Typically, it appears as a small notification box that displays information about recent sales, such as the product name, location of the customer, and time of purchase. Catch the attention of website visitors and make them feel like they are missing out on a great deal.

So, the questions to explore are these: How can we make our own Recent Sales Notification popup? And what handy tools and services do we need?

Create a Recent Sales Notification Popup using Elfsight Widget

The most efficient way to finally have Recent Sales notifications on a website is by using third-party apps—the Popup widget from Elfsight is willing to help! Look no further than this product, where you don’t need to know how to write HTML code, have programming skills, or implement background experience in creating visually-appealing popup designs.  

It’s simple without holding the potential to worsen the situation with the overly complicated process and non-free features. See how it is easy to create a Recent Sales Notification popup yourself: 

  1. Sign up for an account to access the Elfsight dashboard or log in to your existing profile. 
  2. Choose the Popup widget from the available options and start the customization by selecting the desired royalty-free template, element blocks, color scheme, font style, layout format, display settings, triggers, etc. 
  3. Get the generated HTML code to embed. 
  4. Paste the code into the HTML area of your website where you want the popup to appear. Save and publish your changes to make the Recent Sales Notification popup live!

If you have any doubts, you are more than just welcome to try all the endless custom options in the online configurator below!

Following the mentioned point above, let’s get into more detail about how you can add the Recent Sales Notification popup to your website based on the Elfsight widget.

How to Create a Recent Sales Notification Popup for Any Website?

Creating the Recent Sales Notification popup for any website is a straightforward process. Regardless of the platform you use—WordPress, Shopify, HTML, or any other website builder—you can easily integrate the Elfsight widget for free and create a popup that suits your needs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add a Recent Sales Notification popup to any website using the Popup widget:

Step 1: Sign up with Elfsight to access the Popup plugin

The first step is to head over to Elfsight’s website and sign up for a free account to get full access to all the features and functionalities of products. If you already have a profile, then log in to the dashboard using the email address and password.

Step 2: Find the Popup widget 

Once you’ve logged in, it’s time to do a quick search. Navigate to the Apps Catalog and type in Popup. After that, select the needed product for your website’s Recent Sales notification.

Elfsight popup widget in the apps catalog

Step 3: Choose the popup template

Browse through the massive collection of ready-to-use Popup templates. You can select whatever template you like and decide which one works best for your website style and purpose. 

But for easier and faster personalization, we advise you to pick a Recent Sales.

Recent sales popup template

Step 4: Customize your Recent Sales Notification popup

Kick off with the banger straight away on your website and adjust your widget with royalty-free features. Elfsight provides a user-friendly editor that allows you to easily modify the content, colors, fonts, and images of your popup. So adding catchy headlines, compelling copy, and eye-catching visuals is a way to grab your website visitors’ attention.

Recent sales notification popup customization

Step 5: Set up triggers and targeting options for the popup

Elfsight allows you to specify when and where your popups will appear on your website. Target specific pages or devices to display your popup notification. Additionally, set the frequency for unique users and behavior triggers: time delay, scroll depth, exit intent, click on the elements, etc. Let it be for the right people and at the right time.

Recent sales notification popup displaying settings

Step 6: Preview the final popup results 

Before clicking Publish to save all the changes, take a look at your Recent Sales Notification popup in the preview screen to ensure it looks and functions as intended.

Preview of the recent sales notification popup

Step 7: Receive and copy the HTML code to embed your popup

When it starts to feel good with all the settings and customization choices, get the installation HTML code for your popup. Be sure it is a unique and auto-generated coding string that only belongs to you.

Recent sales notification popup code to embed

Step 8: Integrate the popup plugin with your website

To make your Recent Sales Notification popup live on your website, you need to embed it. Simply paste the HTML code snippet into the desired location via the editor. Then save all the changes and enjoy your widget in action!

By following the outlined steps above, you can set up this widget on your website in no time and start showcasing sales notifications to your visitors.

Recent Sales Notification Popups Best Practices

Successful companies have mastered the art of implementing Recent Sales Notification popups effectively. Here are the top ten commonly-used practices to follow: 

1. Use pre-designed popup templates

One of the practical things you can do is stop creating the popups from scratch. It takes time and lots of effort, skills, and knowledge to make one look professional. It’s much easier to pick a ready-to-use template to change a few bits and bobs rather than learn how to write HTML code. 

The Recent Sales Notification popups come in different types and styles, allowing website owners to choose the one that best suits their brand and marketing goals. Take a look at two popular types you can use for the online business:

Example 1

This type of popup focuses on simplicity and minimal design elements to free up lots of space. But sure, you can add a personal touch to reflect your business identity. It includes a small image, product details, and a call-to-action button. 

Plus, this Recent Sales Notification template highlights the location of the customer who made the purchase targeting an audience from specific regions.

Example 2 

This popup variant plays on consumers’ fear of missing out by showcasing a small message with an item image announcing recent purchases made by other customers. Consider triggering them when they reach particular HTML website pages, add products to their cart, or during exit intent.

Plus, avoid bombarding users with repetitive or excessive notifications. Instead, use frequency rules to define a threshold, allowing a reasonable number of Recent Sales Notification popups to be displayed over a specific timeframe.

2. Create a sense of scarcity and high-volume sales with the popup

Encourage potential customers to take action by adding a call to action. Let your text message should include:

  • Action-oriented phrase. Start with an active phrase that captures attention.
  • Product or service purchased. Mention the recently sold item or service. For example, “Someone just purchased [Product name]!
  • Time frame. Add a specific time reference to your HTML popup and create urgency and sense of relevance.
  • Location. If applicable, you’re free to mention the location of the customer making the purchase. It builds credibility and helps create trust for potential customers. For example you write, “Taylor from New York purchased [Product name] 10 minutes ago!
  • Positive feedback or review. If the customer provided positive feedback—mention part of their comment. It can serve as social proof. For instance, “David from San Francisco just purchased [Product name] and said it’s the greatest deal he’s ever made!

Remember to keep the message short, clear, and engaging to maximize its impact and effectiveness of your popups.

3. Be strategic with popup timing

Display the Recent Sales Notification popups at the right moment to avoid disrupting the user experience and maximize their effectiveness. Here are some considerations to keep in mind: 

  • Use timed intervals. Set a specific time interval, such as every day or every week, to display the HTML popup. It provides a constant flow of Recent Sales Notifications without overwhelming the visitor.
  • Show when specific conditions are met. Trigger the free popup based on events or milestones, such as when visitors reach particular pages, add items to their cart, or during exit intent.
  • Display after a purchase. Show the popup to visitors immediately after they make a purchase. It can reinforce their decision and create a sense of validation.

Strike a balance between using the Recent Sales notification effectively and avoiding overly intrusive or annoying experiences for your website users. Regularly analyze the popup’s performance and gather feedback to make adjustments as needed.

4. Your popup positioning matters

The placement of the Recent Sales Notification popup on a website depends on your goal and the user experience you want to create. Here are three popular options:

  • Bottom right corner. Placing the HTML popup in the bottom right corner of the website is a popular choice. It typically doesn’t obstruct the main content and allows users to close it without irritation.
  • Across the screen. Another effective option is to show off the notification that spans the whole website’s screen. This placement is super visible and draws lots of attention.
  • Side bar or slide-in. A sidebar or slide-in notification can be placed on the left or right side of the website. It remains visible as users scroll through the content and can draw attention to recent sales without being overly intrusive.

Test different placements and analyze user behavior to determine the most effective and space-friendly approach for your particular website.

5. Clean and attractive popup design

The Recent Sales Notification popup should have a visually appealing design that aligns with your website’s overall aesthetics. Here are some key design elements to consider:

  • Simple and clean layout. Use a minimalistic design with a clear hierarchy. The focus should be on the HTML Recent Sales notification rather than overwhelming the user with excessive details.
  • Eye-catching visuals. Incorporate visually appealing graphics or icons that catch the user’s attention. It can be in the form of product images, customer avatars, or colorful highlights. Keep the design consistent with your brand’s aesthetic.
  • Clear and concise text. Consider using bold or a different color to highlight important details such as the product name, price, or discount.
  • Animation or transition effects. Utilize subtle animation or transition effects to make the notification popup more engaging. Maybe try using fade-in or slide-in effects.
  • Responsiveness. Make sure your design is mobile-friendly and adapts well to different screen sizes and digital devices. This will allow the Recent Sales Notification popup to function and appear consistently across various platforms.

The ultimate goal of the design is to attract attention and provide relevant information for free. Use clear and legible fonts and choose contrasting colors that grab attention without being overwhelming.

6. Add a call-to-action button to your popup

The call-to-action button on the Recent Sales Notification popup should be compelling to encourage immediate action. There are a few suggestions:

  • Shop Now” — This button can direct users to the product or offer mentioned in the notification, allowing them to purchase.
  • Buy Now” — This button text creates a direct call to action. It is straightforward and can appeal to website customers who are ready to convert.
  • Learn More” — The button invites users to explore further info and discover additional products or offers related to recent sales. Additionally, it can help potential customers make an informed decision.
  • Get Yours” — This popup button text creates exclusivity around the product or service and encourages visitors to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Limited Time Offer” — If there is a time-sensitive promotion, then this text on the button can convey urgency and make visitors take action before the offer expires.

The choice of call-to-action button text depends on the specific context of your HTML website, the nature of the product or service being promoted, and the action you want visitors to take. It is essential to try different free options to see which call-to-action button generates the most conversions for your website.

7. Spice things up in the popup with emojis 

When creating Recent Sales Notification popups, it is important to use emojis that convey a sense of excitement and positivity. Here are some suggestions:

  • 🎉 —This emoji represents celebration and can be used to show that something positive has happened, such as a recent sale.
  • 💰 — Use this emoji in your HTML popups to symbolize money or sales. It can be effective in catching the attention of customers and indicating that the notification is related to a financial transaction.
  • 👏 — This clapping hands emoji signifies applause and can be used to congratulate the customer on their recent purchase.
  • 😍 — The heart-eyes emoji represents admiration or happiness, and using it can convey that the recent sale is highly desirable.
  • 🚀 — This rocket emoji can be used to indicate that a sale has taken off quickly or with great success. It implies momentum and excitement.

Additionally, make sure not to overuse emojis or use ones that may be confusing or misinterpreted by your target audience.

Benefits of Using Recent Sales Notification Popups

Using the free Recent Sales Notification popups on your website or online store can provide several benefits:

1. High level of credibility Recent Sales notifications show potential customers that others have purchased your products or services, creating trust and authenticity. When people see that others are buying from you, it can alleviate any doubts they may have and make them want to purchase.
2. Increased conversions The presence of Recent Sales notifications can boost your HTML website’s conversion rate. When visitors see that others are actively purchasing, they may be more inclined to take action themselves. Well, you know that the fear of missing out on a popular product or deal can be painful.
3. Fostering a sense of community Recent Sales notifications can create a feeling of community among your customers. When they see others making purchases, they can feel a belonging to a wider group of satisfied customers.
4. Psychological influence The concept of social proof taps into the psychological principle of conformity, where people tend to follow the behavior of others. By displaying Recent Sales notifications, you can leverage this concept to influence potential customers.
5. Improved customer experience Recent Sales notifications can have a positive impact on the overall customer experience. They provide real-time updates on the popularity of products, helping customers make well-informed decisions. Additionally, it can create excitement and anticipation around new releases or limited-time promotions.
6. Drive repeat purchases By displaying recent sales, including up-sells or cross-sells, these popups can remind existing customers of other products or services they might be interested in. Increase customer lifetime value and get repeated purchases.

It’s worth noting that while Recent Sales Notification popups can be effective, it’s essential to use them responsibly and ensure that the notifications are genuine. Try not to harm potentially your brand’s reputation.

Conclusion: Get More Sales with Notification Popup

The Recent Sales Notification popups are a powerful tool for increasing conversions, building credibility, and enhancing the overall customer experience on your website. By utilizing the Elfsight widget, you can easily create and customize these popups, benefiting from the various types, best practices, and advantages they offer. 

Find out more about the Popup widget using these free resources: 

With the right implementation, you can significantly impact the website’s success and drive more sales!