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How to Add YouTube Video to WooCommerce – YouTube Gallery Plugin!

Welcome to an exciting journey about captivating video content. Join us as we navigate through the tutorials on how to add the YouTube Gallery plugin to the WooCommerce or WordPress websites and unlock the transformative potential that awaits your business!
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How to Add YouTube Video to WooCommerce – YouTube Gallery Plugin!

What Is in YouTube Video Gallery for WooCommerce Businesses?

The YouTube Video Gallery plugin from Elfsight represents a gateway for curating and promoting your video content right on the WooCommerce website page.

The YouTube Gallery widget is free and requires no know-how code whatsoever, making it ideal for all WooCommerce website users with different skill levels. 

Experience the plugin’s capabilities and freely available features through the live demo below!

How to Add YouTube Video Gallery Plugin to WooCommerce Website: Must-Have Tutorials

Adding a YouTube Channel widget from Elfsight to your WooCommerce website is incredible for elevating your visual content and engaging your audience. These must-have tutorials will guide you through the embed process of the YouTube Video Gallery plugin to your WooCommerce or WordPress website page for free.

Step 1: Open the configurator to get started with the YouTube Gallery widget

​​The first step in harnessing the power of the YouTube Gallery plugin is to open the online builder provided by Elfsight. You can do it by using the live demo above or accessing the Elfsight admin dashboard.

Step 2: Pick the best YouTube plugin template

With the online builder at your disposal, you have the opportunity to select a ready-to-use template that best suits your vision and objectives.

Choose YouTube Video Gallery template to add to WooCommerce

Step 3: Add a source as a YouTube channel URL

Once you’ve chosen the template for your website, it’s time to add your YouTube channel URL as the source for the Video Gallery plugin. This fundamental step allows the widget to pull from your YouTube channel, granting seamless access to your video content without the hassle of manual updates.

Add YouTube Video Gallery source to for WooCommerce

Step 4: Specify the layout and custom YouTube elements

You can adjust the layout, header, columns, rows, video, popup, and slider to create a cohesive and visually appealing YouTube Gallery that harmonizes with your WooCommerce website’s design.

Change YouTube Video Gallery layout to add to WooCommerce

Step 5: Personalize the YouTube Gallery plugin’s look and feel

With the ability to customize the appearance of your Video Gallery plugin, you can infuse it with your unique aesthetic: select the color scheme and accent colors! 

Change YouTube Video Gallery appearance to add to WooCommerce

Step 6: Set up the advanced features for your YouTube feed

Delve into the advanced settings to fine-tune the functionality and behavior of your YouTube Gallery plugin. From language and YouTube API key to AdSense and privacy-enhanced mode, these advanced settings allow you to tailor the user experience on your website to your exact specifications.

Step 7: Obtain the installation code to embed the YouTube videos

After configuring your plugin to perfection, the next step involves obtaining the installation code generated by the online builder. This code will be pivotal in integrating your customized Video Gallery into your WooCommerce website.

Step 8: Add the YouTube Gallery plugin to your WooCommerce page

Armed with the embed code, it’s time to add the YouTube Gallery plugin to your WooCommerce page by pasting it into the appropriate location or page and saving the changes.

Features of YouTube Video Gallery Plugin: Full Overview

Embracing the YouTube Video Gallery widget signifies a step toward a visually dynamic and captivating online presence. Let’s delve into the transformative features that this exceptional plugin brings to the table and unlock the core elements that await. 

Easy and fast integrationIntegrating the YouTube Gallery widget into your WooCommerce website is a breeze, ensuring a seamless and fast setup process.
Support of various YouTube video sourcesWhether you’re curating an entire YouTube channel, showcasing specific videos, or organizing content from playlists—the YouTube Gallery plugin supports three types of video sources. This flexibility provides businesses with a rich set of options to add and present their YouTube video content for a captivating browsing experience for the WooCommerce or WordPress website audience.
Video grouping settingUsing the Gallery widget on the website, businesses can group and categorize their YouTube videos, presenting content in a visually structured and well-organized manner.
Real-time updatesThe code-free YouTube Gallery plugin seamlessly synchronizes with a business’s YouTube channel, enabling real-time updates to reflect newly added videos without manual intervention. Keep the video galleries fresh and engaging, enhancing the interactive potential of the WooCommerce website.
Custom elementsThe widget offers a wealth of customization options. From adjusting layout elements to customizing color schemes, the plugin empowers businesses to create a visually striking and cohesive look. 
YouTube API integration supportThe YouTube Gallery widget harnesses the full power of YouTube’s platform, offering a seamless means to fetch and present video content with precision and reliability with the support of YouTube’s API.
Mobile-friendly designThe YouTube Gallery plugin offers a responsive and mobile-friendly design. It ensures that video content appears seamlessly across various devices, enabling an engaging and enjoyable browsing experience for users, regardless of the device they use to access the WooCommerce or WordPress website.
AdSense supportThe YouTube plugin offers AdSense support to monetize the video content, providing an avenue to add advertisements within the gallery.
Privacy-enhanced modeRespecting user privacy is imperative. The code-free YouTube Gallery widget ensures the inclusion of a privacy-enhanced mode, loading YouTube videos on your website by following the data protection laws in the local area.

Each of these features presents an opportunity for businesses to change their WooCommerce website page into an engaging platform, integrating YouTube video content .

Top 3 YouTube Video Plugin Examples for WooCommerce Page

The more you enchant your WooCommerce website users, the more value it holds for your online business.

Depending on your preferences, you may need to add only one YouTube video to your WooCommerce website that talks about the launch, or maybe you’ve created a list of tutorials — this is all that has been covered! The YouTube Video Gallery widget owns it well by offering multiple templates designed for each occasion. 

Therefore, in this part of the blog post, we will explore the top three popular plugin examples—YouTube Channel, Single Video, and Video List—showcasing their captivating potential and the transformative impact they have on your WooCommerce website page.

YouTube Example 1: YouTube Channel plugin

The YouTube Channel widget is a fantastic way to add a collection of videos to your WooCommerce website. You get to embed all your YouTube videos, playlists, subscriber count, and even the search bar to provide users with a comprehensive view of the channel’s content without leaving the website page. Establish a comprehensive video library for your WooCommerce or WordPress customers.

Why add the YouTube Channel to your WooCommerce website?

Add the code-free YouTube Channel plugin to your WooCommerce or WordPress website page to offer a complete visual immersion into your channel’s content, ensuring a cohesive and captivating experience for your audience.

Core benefits:

  • The widget embeds your YouTube channel, creating a smooth and engaging user experience.
  • It showcases your entire channel, allowing visitors to explore all your video content without leaving your site.
  • With everything in one place, WooCommerce website users are more likely to spend time exploring your YouTube channel’s content on the page.

Where to add the YouTube Channel?

Consider integrating the YouTube Channel plugin into your WooCommerce website main or landing pages, offering key video collections and fostering a deeper interaction with your audience.

YouTube Channel Gallery template for WooCommerce

YouTube Example 2: Single YouTube Video plugin

Draw attention to a specific video from your YouTube channel, offering it the spotlight it deserves. You can feature your latest upload, a popular video, or any content to give prominent visibility on your WooCommerce or WordPress website page.

Why add the Single Video to your WooCommerce website?

Incorporating the code-free Single Video widget into your WooCommerce website offers a visually captivating means to highlight standout content such as product demonstrations, impactful testimonials, trailer content, or any specific video you wish to showcase. This example becomes the canvas on which you present and captivate your audience with individual video experiences.

Core benefits:

  • It enables you to prominently embed a specific video, drawing attention to content that matters most to your business.
  • The widget offers a sleek and focused way to showcase individual videos, maintaining a clean and clutter-free appearance on your WooCommerce or WordPress website page.
  • By showcasing specific YouTube videos, you can direct user attention to content that aligns with your goals: promotions, tutorials, product demos, etc.

Where to add the Single Video?

The Single Video widget becomes a compelling addition to your WooCommerce website landing or product pages, serving as the focal point for presenting standout or essential video content.

YouTube Single Video Gallery template for WooCommerce

YouTube Example 3: YouTube Video List plugin

Organizing your YouTube videos into the categorized code-free Video List plugin on the website page gives easy navigation for the users. Divide the related videos based on themes, categories, or topics for a quick browse. 

Why add the Video List to your WooCommerce website?

The Video List widget on your WooCommerce website allows you to neatly present a collection of videos in a visually compelling and organized manner. This example becomes a powerful tool for categorizing and presenting multiple video collections, fostering a seamless and visually engaging browsing experience for your audience.

Core benefits:

  • You can add a customized list of YouTube videos catering to specific themes, products, or topics, enhancing user experience and promoting relevant content on the WooCommerce website page.
  • The widget presents videos in a visually appealing manner, encouraging visitors to explore the collection.
  • Visitors can seamlessly navigate through the video list, offering a convenient way to discover and engage with your content on the WooCommerce or WordPress website page.

Where to add the Video List?

Embed the code-free Video List on your WooCommerce or WordPress website resource pages, educational sections, or areas dedicated to showcasing a diverse range of video content.

YouTube Video List template for WooCommerce

Choosing the right YouTube Gallery widget for your WooCommerce website page can enhance your video presentation.

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part—the five benefits of having the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on your WooCommerce website as a business owner or developer.

Create YouTube Video Gallery Plugin with Catalog of Templates

Template Catalog

Explore 50+ YouTube Gallery templates

Check out more of ready-made templates for any use case or build your own one!

5 Benefits of YouTube Video Gallery Plugin on Page

When running the website, engaging your audience and providing an exceptional user experience is key to success. With the YouTube Video Gallery widget on your website page, you can exponentially enhance your online store’s appeal and captivate visitors with compelling video content.

Visual storytelling and brand narrative on YouTube

With the YouTube Video Gallery plugin, businesses can craft an immersive and visually dynamic narrative that resonates with their WooCommerce website audience. Integrating video content from their channels into their WooCommerce website gives the possibility to evoke emotion, educate, and inspire. This plugin becomes the interactive and visually striking backdrop.

Product features and demonstrations on YouTube

The WooCommerce Video Gallery widget provides an excellent platform for showcasing product features and demonstrations. Whether it’s a how-to guide, product unboxing, or a detailed demonstration—videos from your channel can convey the value and functionality of your products compellingly, leading to higher conversion rates on your WooCommerce website page.

Enhanced user engagement and interaction via YouTube

The integration of the YouTube Video Gallery catalyzes enhanced user engagement and interaction on the WooCommerce website page. The engaging nature of video content provides an avenue for users to connect with offerings, stories, and initiatives intimately.

Improved SEO due to YouTube

Embed the code-free Video Gallery on your WooCommerce page to have a positive impact on your website’s SEO and overall traffic. Search engines often prioritize websites with diverse and engaging content, including videos. 

With the YouTube Channel Gallery plugin, you can potentially increase your WooCommerce website’s visibility in search results.

Building brand trust and credibility via YouTube

Video content has become a cornerstone of building brand trust and credibility. Featuring customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or informative content about your industry, the YouTube Video Gallery plugin can humanize your brand, foster trust, and establish a deeper bond with your WooCommerce website audience. 

Customers are often more inclined to trust and engage with brands that are transparent, personable, and willing to share valuable content—all of which can be achieved through a well-curated video gallery on your WooCommerce page if you decide to embed the plugin.

Incorporating the YouTube Video Gallery plugin on your WooCommerce page offers a multifaceted approach to enhancing your online presence. With these benefits in mind, it’s clear that leveraging the power of YouTube video channel content through a well-integrated gallery can significantly contribute to the success of your WooCommerce or WordPress website.

Final Thoughts on YouTube Gallery Plugin for WooCommerce

Now, armed with the knowledge, tutorials, and insights gained from this journey, you’re all set to elevate your online presence to new heights and start reaping the rewards of incorporating the YouTube Gallery plugin into your website today—all at no cost.

As you embed the YouTube Video Gallery plugin, you’re not just adding a collection of videos to your page; you’re infusing your online platform with a rich medium that can build connections with your website audience.

Get some help, learn more about the embed process of the code-free WooCommerce Video Gallery plugin, or talk to peers about YouTube by following the sources below:

Stay ahead of the competition and maximize your online impact with the power of video! Try our WooCommerce YouTube plugin for free.

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