How to Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Website with InstaShow

Have you ever thought about this brilliant idea – to share Instagram photos on a WordPress website? If yes, our article is a must-read. Here you will learn everything for achieving the successful result. And our Instagram feed InstaShow will help you with it.
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How to Add Instagram Feed to WordPress Website with InstaShow

Expanding Instagram Potential

Instagram attracts millions of people around the world. Companies, bloggers and many other online publishers have long been using #1 photo-sharing network in promotion and marketing campaigns. It is no surprise that Instagram became a perfect way to reach out to your target audience. Indeed, many publishers want to enlarge the influence of their online presence and embed Instagram to present user-generated content on websites. Here is why you might want to display Instagram photos on your website:
  • Increase in audience engagement on your website
  • Boost in conversion of visitors into customers
  • Higher awareness of products and services
  • Strong credibility through photos and videos
  • New followers in Instagram
Do you think of achieving these benefits? Then check out Instagram Feed Widget. Team Elfsight developed the responsive Instagram widget for displaying eye-catching galleries.
Our company strives to let anyone easily embrace the full power of our product. That’s why we are going to show how to carry out the setup gradually. Let’s find out how to embed Instagram widget on a website!

Comprehensive Video Guide

We’ve also created a video tutorial on Elfsight YouTube channel. It will help you set up InstaShow even quicker. Learn how to add Instagram Feed in WordPress

1. Download File

Start by making sure that you’ve got the copy of our photo plugin on CodeCanyon.
Instagram Feed Envato Page
Go to your downloads on Envato
After that, find your purchased license and click “Download” tab. You should choose “Installable WordPress file only” from a drop-down list.
You don’t have even to open this file as it contains everything for installation.
Instagram Feed WordPress File
Download the stated file

2. Install Widget in WordPress Admin Panel

Now it’s time to add your Instagram Feed in the WordPress admin panel. For that click the “Plugins” section and choose “Add New”. Afterwards, find the shining blue button “Upload Plugin”. A new window will appear where you will be asked to pick the obtained file.
Instagram Feed Upload Plugin
Upload InstaShow file to your WordPress website
After that, click “Install Now” button and you will see InstaShow in the plugins list. There you should activate the plugin. This will do the trick and Insta logo will appear in your left sidebar. Now you are able to customize your new plugin and embed Instagram on WordPress web pages.
Instagram Feed Plugins List
Activate InstaShow in one click
By the way, don’t forget to actuate InstaShow by using your Envato purchase code. You can learn how to find this code in our article. Thus, you will get additional benefits, including:
  • Simple Live Updates
  • Premium Support
Instagram Feed WordPress Activation
Enter your purchase code in InstaShow admin panel and get more benefits

3. Customize Your First Instagram Gallery

Pay attention that InstaShow allows embedding as many galleries on one website as you want.
Firstly, you should give a name to the brand-new element of your site. Anything you want – numbers, letters, symbols – just so that you could find this particular feed in no time. The chosen name will be shown only in your admin panel and nowhere else.
Instagram Feed WordPress Editor
Adjust the widget and save its settings
A particular customization can be made as well before you add Instagram. Our customers are free to edit the following parameters:
  • Sources
  • Sizes
  • UI
  • Info
  • Style
Moreover, make sure you save your creation after all adjustments are done.

4. Copy and Paste The Code Into Any Page

You are close to the victory! Now you have to embed your Instagram widget on the web page or post. To do this you need a special shortcode. Choose any page or post where you’d like to add your Insta feed and paste the code.
Instagram Feed Insert Code
Paste the shortcode and save your page. This way you add Instagram Feed in WordPress.
That’s all! You’ve successfully learned how to get Instagram feed for your website. Use InstaShow advantages and boost audience engagement ;).
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Learn Everything about InstaShow

By the way, we are preparing full Insta feed manual. It will consist of three comprehensive articles. Hence, you have the opportunity to study all options of our top-trending app and to add the plugin from Elfsight in seconds.
  1. InstaShow “Source” Tab Guide
  2. InstaShow “Sizes” Tab Guide
  3. InstaShow “UI” Tab Guide (coming soon)
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