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How to Get YouTube API Key: Revealing Secrets in 3 Minutes

What if we say that there is a way to get your own secure API key for YouTube? Such application identifier is right what you need for operating with the most popular video service.

You will be able to use this key in development or for obtaining all the needed information from YouTube. Interesting? Our article will make everything clear. Keep calm and follow simple instructions.

YouTube API Infographic

Find the comprehensive text under the inforgraphic.

About API in Few Words

YouTube Data API work with a quota to guarantee that developers use the service properly and do not create any app that makes service quality worse or limits access for others. All API requests, including invalid requests, cost at least a one-point quota.

YouTube Data API key gives wide opportunities for interacting with YouTube content:

  • Collect information about specific channels
  • Get an access to videos and playlists
  • Explore views, descriptions, comments, likes and dislikes

Let’s Discover Your API Key

There just three steps ahead. Complete them and you will get such sweet opportunities.

1. Start with New Project

First of all, you should visit Google APIs page. You will find “Project” tab in the YouTube API console. Click it and choose “Create project” button from the drop-down menu.

Google API New Project
Create new Google APIs project

The new project window will appear in popup. Now it’s time to name your project and don’t forget to check “Yes” in Terms of Service agreement. Getting email notifications from Google is left to your discretion. Click “Create” button to proceed further.

Google API Yottie Project
Name your project and confirm your actions

Wait until the page will refresh. You will see a new notification in the header. Congratulations! You’ve just created your first Google APIs project. Now we will explain how to activate YouTube Data API.

2. Enable YouTube Data API

In order to make your project active, you should follow to the “YouTube Data API” web page. You will be redirected to the Dashboard section.

YouTube Data Key
Visit YouTube Data API page

Afterwards, click “Enable” button. Wait for a second and you will see your API statistics including Traffic, Errors and Latency on the Dashboard.

YouTube Data API Enable
Enable your API

Now there is only one step remained to complete the task. Time has come to claim what is yours by right.

3. Create Credentials and Get YouTube API Key

Leave the Dashboard and go to “Credentials”. You will find the link in the left sidebar menu.

YouTube API Credentials
Visit Credentials web page

Select “Create credentials” option and click “API key” in the drop-down list. Then you will see a pop-up window that informs you about the successful result.

YouTube API Create Credentials
Create credentials and choose API key section

Woohoo! You’ve got your API key. You are able to copy it and restrict its access to prevent unauthorized usage.

Using API Key in Third-Party Apps

You can use the key in your own application or in any other plugin related to YouTube API. For example, you can use it in one of our applications – YouTube Plugin Yottie. It channels videos to a website through a beautiful grid.

Therefore, Yottie has a special field where you can paste the derived code. All you need is to copy-paste it and the work is done.

YouTube API Yottie Plugin
Use YouTube API key in Yottie app
Share videos on your website almost without any limits 😉

If you use Yottie app then it will be definitely useful to get an independent YouTube API quota.

By the way, in case of having the jQuery version, you will need to insert the key as the data-yt-key attribute to your code.

Key Limitation

Learn more about quotas.

Please, note that your API key has limitations. Projects that require the YouTube Data API have a quota allocation of 1 million units per day by default. According to the documentation, 1 million units is a sufficient amount for the great majority of API users.

You can see your quota usage on the Usage tab for the API in the Google Developer’s Console. You can monitor how many units your API key uses in the YouTube console. Get your YouTube Data API v3 usage statistics, for example.

That’s all! Now you know how to get YouTube API key.

Keep in mind that each query to YouTube costs several units. So you have to keep an eye on units in order not to exceed the quote.

Of course, if you have a site with big traffic numbers then you can add more units. To do this, visit API dashboard and choose YouTube Data API v3 below statistics. There you will find “Quotas” tab. Click it and edit units per day.

In Summary

There is nothing difficult in getting your API key. You need just several minutes and a pinch of patience. And it’s worth it. The key will help you to get data for your developing goals or for using it in other applications.

Each key includes the quota that restricts the number of requests to API per day. All statistics and how many units you use each day can be seen in API dashboard in no time. Furthermore, if you wish to increase the existing quota then “Quotas” tab will come in handy.

Your Opinion is Important for Us

We hope our tutorial will help you get the most out of YouTube Data API v3. Don’t hesitate to write us in comments below. Our team is open to new ideas and ready to provide you with the necessary support. By the way, stay tuned to our blog for more guides.

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