Weather Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Weather and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Three ways to enter the location

You no more need to search your location on the map, with Elfsight Weather you can simply enter the name of the place or its ZIP code to have its meteo forecast displayed. Need to know the weather in some far off place? Then insert its coordinates and the widget will find the place automatically.

Localization features for user comfort

Our widget supports more than 30 languages, so your users will see the interface in their native tongue. Moreover, you can enter a location in your own language – it will definitely be found. We have also embedded both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature units. The conversion is done automatically.

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Current Temperature

The most unobtrusive weather widget for your site. Embed it into the header, for instance, and it will do its job without taking extra space. The size can be changed by a handy scaling.

Current Weather

One of the most popular variants that show the most essential data: location, temperature, and the weather elements. You can scale it to increase or decrease the size.

Hourly Forecast

This type of the widget shows the weather for the next 12 hours. Users can see the temperatures and weather elements hour by hour which is very handy when your business depends on the weather.

Daily Forecast

You can show the meteo data for the whole week ahead. For each day, there’s temperature and active weather data. Users can scroll to see the days ahead.

Tip: This type of widget is useful for outdoor event businesses, when you want your clients to choose a perfect day without leaving your site to check the forecast.

Detailed Forecast

This most informative type of the widget shows not just the temperature and weather elements, but air pressure, humidity, and the wind speed. It also reveals the forecast for the next week.


Two variants of background look

You can choose what the background of the widget will look like. It can show theme weather images that reflect the current weather conditions in the chosen location. Another option is to choose a custom background color. You can select any to make the widget look unique.

Colors and animations

The part of the widget that shows daily forecast features the option of painting the background. You can choose any color and the text color will automatically adapt to look contrasting and readable for users. You can also add nice animation of the weather symbols to make the look more vivid.


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