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Weather Examples

Check Weather examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Detailed Forecast

This series of widgets demonstrates how nicely a detailed weather forecast may look on your site. All three stylish variants differ in color of the background, with the first one having weather-themed pictures that reflect the current situation. And you can choose your own colors with ease! The widgets show not only daily forecast for the week ahead, but info about current conditions: temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind velocity, and even more. You can insert any location - the widget will find it and display precise data.

Example 2. Daily forecast

Widget of this type will be perfect for websites that need to show the daily weather forecast in an untangled and bright way. For example, to let users check the weather before they book their outdoor activity. This widget looks eye-catching thanks to purple color. It’s not overloaded with extra details and clearly shows the current weather plus daily forecast for the week. You can choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and hide away the temperature unit to make the look clean.

Example 3. Hourly forecast

With the help of Elfsight widget, hourly weather data on your site will look great. This example proves it. It’s moderate and yet delivers all the important info. Users can visualize the current weather thanks to theme background and check what’s next hour by hour. Dragging or using slider arrows, they can check the weather till the very end of the day. Nice animated weather icons add a little vividness to the clean appearance of the widget.

Example 4. Current weather

For websites with limited space available or when there’s no need to go deep in details, these two widgets are the perfect matches. They are small-scale, and it’s easy to vary the size in the settings, and adjust the font size, too. It’s only essential data: location name, current temperature, and the weather elements. You can change the language of the interface to adapt it to your audience.

Example 5. Current temperature

This nice small widget shows nothing more but the temperature and the weather icon. It’s maximum moderate and yet gives users an overview of the weather outside. If you need to save space and still keep users updated, this variant is right for you. Change the colors to make it a better style fit - and an ideal weather widget is here!

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