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Elfsight Gallery is an easy tool for website owners who want to add Vimeo videos on the site. You can shape playlists of videos, integrate channel, choose the most engaging content for your video gallery and other. Elfsight module features handy design features, which help make the interface fit for diverse cases. Inbuilt video layouts will help place the videos the best way, a choice of play modes make watching videos comfortable in any use case. Thanks to the header there’s a chance to advertise your Vimeo account and get more followers. Elfsight Vimeo module is an effective way not just to boost engagement, but also to develop your business.

Where can I insert it

You can place it on any page of your site. If you paste Vimeo Gallery into the site template, the videos will appear on each and every page.

How can I benefit from it?

It will contribute to raising user engagement on your website with the help of carefully selected videos. Quick following feature will help attract new subscriptions to your channel.

How can I have Vimeo video player?

You only will need a minute of time to embed the widget. This process is really speedy, free, and doesn’t involve coding.

Elfsight Vimeo player can be integrated via our service or via the marketplace. You can compare these options and select yours.


To have a clear idea of Vimeo Gallery, discover the list of its major features. They make this widget really beneficial for your promotion:

  • Adding videos by URLs;
  • Three inbuilt layouts for various manners of videos pacing: Grid, Playlist, Slider;
  • 7 controlled elements of the widget header: name, statistics, description, follow button, profile picture;
  • Four inbuilt playing modes: Popup, Player, Inline, or on Vimeo;
  • 3 options after video finishes: play next, replay, none;

To explore all features, see live demo

Check how to embed the Vimeo Video to your Drupal website

These several steps are the only thing you need to have the widget active.

  1. Get the module and integrate it in the site
    On Vimeo Gallery page, find the attached file and download it. Find «Extend» tab of your admin panel and install the module to your Drupal site.
  2. Design the plugin
    Open the list of your modules, pick Vimeo module and open it. Here you can add required sources and links and customize the design. Acquire your personal code from the popup notification. Copy this code.
  3. Reveal the module on your page
    In the «Content» tab, pick the page you plan to display the plugin to and add the copied code there. Apply the results.
  4. Congratulations! You have just integrated the widget!
    Enter your Drupal site, to see your videos!

Still not sure? Or have inquiries? Simply send your request to our customer service. We will help with every matter.

Set up Drupal Vimeo Gallery easily!

Right in our demo, create your personalized video module and embed it into your website.


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