Viber Chat Examples

Check Viber Chat examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. General Live Chat

This universal variant of chat will look great on any website. Floating bubble template makes it moderate, but it stays always visible for website visitors. Bubble icon is the original Viber logo familiar to most of users.

Example 2. Support Chat

In this example, the header of the chat window shows a photo of the support specialist and indicates typical response time. Thus people see when they should expect an answer. This is a clean and practical way to set up a channel of client communication on your website.

Example 3. Sale Chat

A lot of customization has been done here: header background is painted black, there’s a custom caption, and full info about the support person. Start Chat button is colored red with custom text. An effective way to attract sales through chat.

Example 4. Booking Chat

The header and bubble of the chat window are painted blue to fit the color concept of the website theme. A welcome message is here to offer the company’s booking services. Chat bubble demonstrates a booking icon and a call-to-action.
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Example 5. Feedback Chat

This chat is shaped as a floating bubble with company’s icon and a custom text. It expands to reveal a chat window with a photo of a manager (one from the widgets’s library) and a welcome message, gently asking visitors for feedback. A good way to collect feedback.

Example 6. Onboarding Chat

Visitors of this website will see a small but eye-catching chat icon. It has a new message badge to attract more attention. On click, the icon opens a chat window with the company’s logo and name. The welcome message invites users to learn more about the product and to start chatting.

Example 7. Consultation Chat

This chat serves to consult clients about the company’s offers. A moderate chat window with the name and photo of the consultant reveals a message. It offers users help in choosing between offers. The background and the button are painted custom colors.

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