How to add Testimonials Slider plugin to Webflow

The detailed guide on showcasing and configuring Testimonials plugin on your personal Webflow website. The tutorial doesn't require coding expertise or any specific professional skills to implement and its installation lasts for no more than 2 minutes.

Plugin Characteristics

Elfsight Testimonials allows you to show feedback and use them as your customers’ reviews on your products or services. Actual posts that allow to check out the testimonial’s author are the most effective method of raising customer loyalty and the Internet resource conversion.

Video Guide

Plugin’s features and basic characteristics:

  • Fully responsive template;
  • A number of attractive preset design templates to choose from;
  • URL, logo, name and other conversion features installation;
  • Technical support for all users.

Learn more about the Testimonials plugin.

You get mentioned on Instagram? Then the unique Instagram Testimonials plugin is a must-have for you! It will add to your website a wonderful slider with testimonials shaped of Instagram posts.

Plugin Installation

If any difficulties appear during the guide implementation, notify our support team and they will be happy to consult.

Part 1: Getting the widget

Register your individual user account or loginto your profile

Paste your current email and set a password. If you have already created a user account, you will simply have to access it at Elfsight Apps.

register you user account

Select a widget

Select Testimonials Slider in the catalog that comes up and click on it to go to the product page.

select a plugin

Setting up the design

Choose a template you like or shape your widget to your taste. You can see more about all the functionality at the testimonials widget’s page.

setting up the design

Get the widget’s code

To complete the first step of the guide, you need to get the widget code to add to your site.

get the testimonials plugin's code

Part 2: Displaying on a Webflow site

Enter the Webflow dashboard

Open the site pages editor.

enter the webflow dashboard

Select the website you’d like to edit.

Select the required site from the list.

select the website

Add the HTML element

Select a place for the reviews and drag the “Embed” element to that place.

add the html element

Add the testimonials

Enter the widget installation code into the HTML element and save the changes.

add the testimonials plugin

Publish the changes

Press the “Publish” button in the upper panel.

publish the changes


Go to the reviews page to check it out.

how to add testimonials plugin to webflow

How to edit a plugin’s parameters?

After you place the code on the page, you will be able to apply the adjustments in your account at Elfsight Apps. You can carry out the changes via your Elfsight Apps profile in our convenient editor and save them.

The edits are automatically published and you don’t need to edit the code once more.

What is Elfsight Apps?

It is a cloud service to extend your site functionality with the help of plugin. Add useful functions and integrate your internet platform with social media to draw more visitors and customers.

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