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How to add Social Media Icons to Webflow

We release a Social Icons widget, that will help you expand the number of followers of your personal social media accounts. Use Elfsight Apps cloud platform for a remarkably rapid and clear setup of any products for websites.

Potential of the new icons plugin

Changeable settings, that will assist you to set up scales, color schemes and design in a mere two manipulations directly from your personal Elfsight admin panel.

Video Guide

Social application’s installation tutorial in 2 clear steps

Register an account and realize two elementary operations to implement the application to your online resource. The total adjustment duration will take less than 3 minutes.

2 Steps to realize social application’s installation

Step 1: Create the plugin

Pick out the appearance and gain the module’s script.

• Register

Register an account or authorize at the platform at our service to proceed further with the setup.

• Select «Social Icons» app

In order display the icons select - Social Media Icons.

• Generate the icons

Configure the icons and their appearance style in the product’s settings page.

• Fetch the code

Get your special installation script to place it to your web platform.

Step 2: Embed the widget to the website

• Go to Webflow admin panel

Login to edit the your website.

• Select the site you need

Select the needed website from the list.

• Embed the HTML element

Select a place for the icons and pull the “Embed” element to that place.

• Paste the social icons' code

Enter the widget's code into the HTML element and save the changes.

• Publish the changes

Press the “Publish” in the upper panel.

• Enjoy the icons!

Go to the website to check it out.

How to adapt widget’s settings after setup

If you have to reset the icons’ widget’s appearance after the application has been installed to a Webflow website, enter your individual account at Elfsight Apps and set the wishful configurations. After you’ve released these changes, the features will be installed to your site automatically.

Why to use Social Icons by Elfsight?

The most important distinctions of icons are the following:

  • 60+ HD social networks and media platforms icons in one product (Facebook, Instagram, Email, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.);
  • You will gain 1 500+ combinations of visual modifications that contains absolutely adjustable dimensions, colors, 6 amazing styles and 5 modern animations – all you expect to make the application fit your web resource entirely;
  • From now on, you won’t have to tune up the icons in Photoshop and implement the edits to your web page’s CSS;
  • The decrease in the size of your site, which influences the platform’s speed in a positive way;

Develop your special design and be online with your audience anywhere.

Please, Welcome Elfsight Apps

Elfsight Apps is a universal resource that offers solutions for any CMS or website builders. Check out our widgets’ trial versions to improve your resources’ efficiency right now!

Test our Social Media Icons for free!

Form the special social icons for your own website immediately.
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