Responsive jQuery Testimonials Slider plugin

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Responsive jQuery Testimonials Slider plugin
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Testimonials Slider – a superb plugin for revealing reviews of your clients on your personal website. You can attach any social proof to make testimonials trustworthy: author’s name, picture, trade logo of the organization and even a link to the site.

Level up confidence in your service by demonstrating to visitors your real and bright reviews.

  • Create spotlessly trustworthy testimonials.
    Reveal all info about the author of all reviews, including: name, company, position prove to visitors, that they are dealing with testimonials of real clients.
  • Stimulate users to purchase.
    Displaying true user reviews with happy experience inspires clients to share these impressions and motivates them to buy and increase your conversion.
  • One more social proof.
    A link from review to Facebook, LinkedIn or a website of the author is a sign of reliability for users, which will increase credibility and demonstrate your business is true.
  • Boost conversion up to 200%.
    Transform your testimonials into the crucial argument, displaying them right where viewers take their decision about buying or registration.

Which way do I embed a Testimonials Slider to the jQuery site?

The building of the tool takes place within the Elfsight website and there’s no need to learn coding. Open the online demo to personalize your tool, obtain the code and paste it into your site.

The best ways to use Feedback widget integration

We have lots of customization opportunities: full-size widgets for implementing in the content area, floating widgets for scrolling opportunities, layouts for the footer, head section and all kinds of vertical options for website sidebars and menus.

Can I build a Cards or Carousel Testimonials Slider through the agency of the editor?

You are free to create any widget’s variations. There are many layouts available in the editor, and all of them can be swiftly adjusted the way you require.


The prominent traits, which transform Elfsight Testimonials Slider into an irreplaceable plugin for any jQuery site.

  • Responsive and suitable for any design;
  • Display author’s name and photo for higher trust;
  • Increase credibility with a link to author’s website;
  • Slider, Grid, Carousel and Rotator layouts for wide range of use-cases;
  • Use Facebook or Twitter profile URL to prove that the author is real-life.

Other features in a free editor

How to add Testimonials Slider plugin to jQuery website

Elfsight plugin is intuitive in terms of installing and doesn’t require any knowledge in programming. Fulfilling of the tutorial will only last for not over several minutes.

  1. Build your personalized Testimonials Slider.
    With the help of our free demo, a plugin with necessary template (Carousel, Rotator, Grid or etc) and options.
  2. Receive a code for displaying the plugin.
    After widget tuning, receive a code for Testimonials from the appeared window on Elfsight Apps.
  3. Show the plugin on jQuery website.
    Display the plugin to the desired place of the page and apply the changes.
  4. The integrating is successful!.
    Enter your jQuery website, to check your work.

Experiencing any queries while adding or adjusting the testimonials plugin? Get in touch with our Support Center.


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