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Demonstrate each member of your team at their best in a flexible gallery


ModX Team Showcase widget
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This widget is the most convenient way to show your team on the site. This widget helps deliver the photos and roles of any kind of team: business colleagues, sport team members, academic staff, firm structure and any other. Demonstrate a picture, add contact information and an impressive message about each member of your team. Visitors will have a possibility to immediately contact them seamlessly using active links and social icons. You are free to establish categories and demonstrate the framework of your company, pick layouts, colors and more options. Lift trustworthiness of your business, displaying its human face!

Where can I embed the widget

Display your team portfolio to any page of your website, where you think it proper. This can be one of the elements of the content zone, or it can fill all the page. For instance, you can configure a whole About us page by means of an only widget.

How will I benefit from Team Showcase?

Revealing the actual people involved into your business raises your transparency and improves the perceived trustworthiness of the company. It convinces your audience you are aт honest partner and can bring more leads and fresh customers. Plus, your team will become easier to address via contact details added for each person.

How can I embed Team Showcase on my ModX website?

You only need a minute of your time to set up the widget. Adding it is very swift, free, and doesn’t involve coding.

  1. You can integrate Team Showcase to your web page via our service. For this follow the instructions below on this page.
  2. Elfsight Team Showcase can be integrated on our service or via the marketplace. Here you can learn the advantages of these variants and pick more suitable.


To have the right idea of the widget, check the list of the essential functions. They make our widget incredibly effective for you:

  • Active icons of social media and links to site and email address;
  • Person’s Location address revealed on Google Maps when clicked;
  • Popup opens full biography about each team member;
  • Two options to organize groups: in an overall list or filtered by menu;
  • Four variants of layout to choose: Grid, Cards, Gallery, List.

To check more features, see demo

Let’s see how to add the Team Showcase widget to your ModX site

Just take these steps given below to integrate the tool on ModX.

  1. Launch our free demo and start shaping your personalised instrument.
    Specify the preferred form and specifications of the tool and apply the modifications.
  2. Acquire the unique code appearing in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    After the setting up of your Team Showcase extra is complete, copy the individual code at the emerged window and keep it for later usage.
  3. Commence utilization of the extra on ModX website.
    Embed the code saved recently in your website and save the adjustments.
  4. You’re done! The integration is successfully accomplished.
    Go your site to view how’s the widget working.

Still can’t made up your mind? Or experiencing issues? Simply write a request to our customer support team, and we will help with any trouble.


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