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Website Portfolio Examples

Check Portfolio examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Portfolio for Travel Blog

Design your comprehensive and structured photo portfolio, that will not just show your works, but tell users about them. The List layout arranges the projects in one column, and they are accompanied by a short description. It is displayed right under the project cover thanks to the Card type of project view. Just a click on the project, and all the works appear in the popup, with text and other project info. Users can not just scroll throughout the works, but navigate between the projects, as well, with the help of the arrows.

Example 2: Portfolio for Video Production

Display all your works in a sleek video portfolio, embedded into a website page. Elfsight Portfolio allows to add Vimeo and YouTube videos with previews and play them in the popup right on the site. All the usual actions: Like, Share, and View later are supported in the popup. You can set the name of the video, add the date and description, and include a link to any address. Or switch the elements off to achieve a clean look.

Example 3: Portfolio for Web Designer

Showing your works from different areas couldn’t be easier, with a category menu in your portfolio. Your projects will be spread into categories and users will be able to switch between them. To visualize the essence of each project, you can upload a project cover. If you choose Bottom overlay look, the project description will appear on hover in the bottom left corner. The header helps promote the author by showing his contact details and CTA button.

Example 4: Portfolio for Photo Shoots

With the help of Grid layout, you can shape your photo projects into a stylish minimalist gallery. Here, there’s no widget header and the project description shows on hover, which makes the look clean and sleek. The projects are arranged into 3x5 grid with unified cover size and square shape to look uniform. Black and white effect on hover gives it a touch of style. When clicked, the projects show just photos without extra data.
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Example 5: Portfolio for Makeup Artist

Reveal your artistic nature and design a truly fashionable widget. See how the background color goes well together with the color of the CTA button and the contact details text in the header. All these make the widget look more defined and attract users’ attention. The photos are arranged into a grid with a custom gutter and they have no description, which creates a clean strict appearance. Users can enjoy all the photos in the popup and address the author through the contacts in the header.

Example 6: Portfolio for Hair Stylist

When there’s a need to demonstrate your works in all the diversity, our widget can be a helping hand. These photos of the hair stylist’s works are arranged into a grid 3x3, with a rather big gutter. The pictures are all of the same size and the square shape. All this creates a consistent look and such a gallery can be well introduced into a web page to demonstrate the authors’ skills and experience. Popup will open each of the pictures in full view to let users watch it in all the details.

Example 7: Portfolio for Fashion Photographer

When it’s important to show your photos in the real size and save the proportions, our widget offers Masonry layout. It arranges the photos the optimum way saving their original parameters. The gutter between the photos in this example is very narrow and they are placed on a black background - all this creates a stylish geometry and adds a contrast. The photographer can seamlessly introduce their name and contact details in the header. And the most important elements - the name and the CTA button - stay displayed even in the popup.

Example 8: Portfolio for Product Photographer

This is another example of how Elfsight Portfolio perfectly matches the needs of those who showcase their photos on the site. This widget looks very vibrant and dynamic. The photos have the same size and square shape, and the absence of the gutter creates an artistic unity. Though the photos show absolutely different products, they are nicely composed together into a beautiful collage. The widget has Auto size and fills all the free space on the page.

Example 9: Portfolio for Architecture

Astonishing architecture photos save their impressiveness when presented through a responsive widget interface. Auto width makes the images fill all the available screen space and look massive. With the List layout, the projects go one under another with wide gutters creating visual boundaries between them. On hover, users see black-and-white effect and zoom animation. Overlay type of the project look reveals a short project description only when users hover on the project, keeping the look clean.

Example 10: Portfolio for Tattoo Artist

These works of the tattoo artist looks really stylish and expressive. They are on the black background and with a rather wide gutter. Masonry layout allows to view all the photos in their original size and parameters. All the info about the artist himself is in the widget header. The widget title is also edited and has a custom line. Photos of the projects can open in the popup, or you can set the address where users will be redirected for viewing.

Example 11: Portfolio for Illustration

For the most impressive portfolio, upload your images in real size, our widget won’t compress them. These illustrations are of high quality and users can fully enjoy the creative talent of the author. The images tile the page and save the original parameters. When you hover the mouse on an illustration, you can see the name of the work and the year. For easier navigation, there’s a menu of years. The author details are in the header, and you can go to his accounts in social media by clicking the icons. Call-to-action button stays visible in the popup, too.

Example 12: Portfolio for Wedding Photographer

This portfolio of a wedding photographer showcases the projects and tells a little about each couple. The projects are displayed in a grid by two in line and placed upon a background of a soft beige color, associating with wedding. Each project has the name displayed under it and when you open it, you will see a description and the best photos. Our widget is fully adaptable, so even when watched from a mobile or tablet, the interface will look brilliant. And it’s easy to book a photo shoot, with CTA button leading to a page with booking form or order placing.

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