Photo Gallery Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Gallery and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Feature 1: Photography

There’s nothing better than a clean and simple gallery, when you need to showcase your best works in photography on the website. Just skip all the text elements and allow your users enjoy the images. They can start a slideshow for full immersion.

Feature 2: Product showcasing

You can highlight all the advantages of your goods or show every aspect of your work to deliver the best service – all through the pictures. Adding descriptions, you can tell more, explain something, give a comment, or pay attention to important things.

Feature 3: Magazine

Increase the number of your magazine readers showing each issue through an engaging gallery. Slider layout will help achieve slide-by-slide look, resembling magazine pages. Users can drag or use arrows to turn the page.

Feature 4: Fitness

Let users check as much as possible about your gym, fitness, or health center with the help of the photo gallery. The interiors, the coaches, the equipment, the team – it’s all important for those who think about joining. Remove all their doubts by demonstrating a grid of photos.

Feature 5: Hotel

Make your potential guests doomed to become actual ones. In Columns layout, the photos of your facilities will look so stylish and make your offer irresistible. You can change the shape of the photos and their size, too.


Features 6: Seven stylish layouts for marvellous transformations

The widget features seven variants of the layout. You can choose vertical or horizontal type of Masonry, show photos one by one in Slider, build a custom Grid, or organize the images into Stripes or into Columns. There’s also Thumbnails layout. With such a wide choice, you will definitely find the best way to present your images.

Feature 7: Add text information and reorder your photos

Need to add some text to your photos? Our widget allows you to introduce image title and description. Just add the text and choose its position: on the picture or below it, and it can also appear or disappear on hover. The order of the photos is also under your control – reorder them as you need or switch Random.

Feature 8: Add and customize the header

Give your gallery the right name. For this, you can use the widget header – just choose the right phrase and enter it in the special field. You can apply text settings, choose the font size and color to male it look best.

Feature 9: Adaptable gallery size

You gallery will look cool not only on desktop, but on tablets and mobiles, too. You can manually set the width of the gallery in pixels and percentage to arrange it best on the page. And to be sure that mobile experience will also be great, you can check at any time what the widget will look like on other devices using a special option of the editor.

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Feature 12: Create the right gallery background

Elfsight Photo Gallery widget offer you three variants of the gallery background: make it transparent, choose any color to paint it, or upload a custom image. Using an image, you can also apply overlay and choose its color, to create the perfect setting for your photos.

Feature 13: Stylish transformations of the images

You can do so much customization with the photos! The widget settings allow you to vary the shape of the photo – from perfectly rectangle to rounded. Choose the color of the overlay on the images and the paint the font of the title and description. You can also apply one of the effects to the photos and to the hover, so that the design will look lively.

Feature 14: Select the popup colors

In the popup, you can also use overlay to make the photos look cool. And the color of the overlay is up to you, as well as the color of the description and title. If you don’t want to show the text elements in the popup, just switch them off.


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