LinkedIn Feed Examples

Check LinkedIn Feed examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Carousel

Display your LinkedIn posts in the stylish carousel format that swipes with a touch of the arrow button. The feed is fully optimized for any device and promises to be highly responsive with dynamic navigation.

Example 2: Masonry

This template presents the LinkedIn content with a trendy structure by arranging posts in a mosaic-like grid—each of them seamlessly fits into the available space of your content area. Give your website a fresh and contemporary look with asymmetrical appeal.

Example 3: Timeline

With its chronological layout, this template allows website users to scroll through your past LinkedIn content, giving them a comprehensive view of your professional journey. Each post in a feed shows a detailed description, multimedia, and CTA buttons.

Example 4: Grid

Clean, organized, and visually appealing—that's what the Grid template is. Show your LinkedIn content in a neat grid layout, select the number of columns and rows, and highlight the Load more button with a bright color.
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Example 5: Slider

Show one post at a time to capture all the needed attention and get higher conversation. It includes not only post details but also videos and images. And despite the template's compact size, you can still bring elegance and interactivity to your website.

Example 6: Small Widget

No matter the small size and minimalistic design, this template allows you to broadcast your LinkedIn posts in a condensed format, making it ideal for sidebars, footers, or any limited space on your website. It still packs a punch in terms of functionality and visual appeal, like the description, visuals, and share and like buttons.

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