LinkedIn Feed Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight LinkedIn Feed and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Share all the ins and outs by integrating the LinkedIn Feed

LinkedIn Feed is the key to fostering a connection with your website users. Let people build a strong perception of your brand and look for collaboration opportunities. Plus, no more need to try punching above your weight by manually updating all the marketing channels—the widget auto-updates the content by synchronizing with your account. So the biggest challenge for you yet is the only one thing: copying your business’ LinkedIn Feed link and pasting it into the configurator.

Display widget on any website page

There are no limitations on where you should add the LinkedIn Feed to reflect and advertise your content. It can be any website page—whether it’s a homepage or a contact page. Depending on available space, pick what feels the most compelling for the company!

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Promote all types of content

You can be sure that this widget supports all sorts of content: text posts, video clips, images, etc. Create a fully responsive feed to engage your website users and drive more organic traffic to the LinkedIn page. And don’t forget to include the “Load more” button for easy navigation.

Five card styles for showcasing posts

The LinkedIn Feed widget includes five built-in post card styles for each case and occasion: starting from a minimalistic approach to a more complex design. What’s equally important is that you can decide which post elements to include, like the author’s name, picture, action bar, post text, and source icon or badge. Define the main objectives to demonstrate your expertise and branding authenticity.

Choosing the post-click action for higher conversions

Based on your current focus, you can direct users to the LinkedIn page or make them stay on the website via three post-click options available: open in popup, open in social media, or none. Having the ability to convert your users’ interest into action is crucial for businesses looking to boost their online credibility, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic. Guide them through your custom-made journey!


Setting up the switchable header and title is a way to go

Introduce your website audience to the LinkedIn Feed via the header title to win more attention. Add something catchy to become memorable in users’ minds while sustaining your brand’s standards and aligning it with your strategic goals. But in case you want to create a more minimalistic look, the header can be hidden with just a few touches of a button—it’s all up to you!

Five adjustable feed layouts

Staying up to trends and following innovative design concepts. It is a definition of a native catalog of LinkedIn Feed layouts. You get five well-thought-through variants to choose from: Grid, Masonry, List, Carousel, and Slider. All of them are optimized to work uninterrupted, no matter the digital device, operations system, resolution, and browser you use.

Match widget size to your content area

Make sure the widget fits your website properly. And to accomplish that, customize its width in pixel measurement. Being fully adaptive to every environment, you can try all the possible custom and full-screen combinations to see what is best for you.

Reflect your aesthetics with color scheme and font choices

Coloring is fun, even when it comes down to personalizing the website widget’s appearance. With a wide range of elements, you set your eyes on the header, post, popup, and the Load More button, while also picking up an accent color and text font.


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