Create your Photography Website

A step-by-step guide to make your own online photographer portfolio with the help of the Website Builder or improve the one you’ve already set up & grow your business.

Step 1

Set top goals to make photograpy website

To create an effective photographer website – consider its main purpose and prioritize tasks. That will influence all its structure, content and design. Here are the most essential things you need to implement:

Create live interaction with your Instagram audience

Build strong interest to your work – show your latest photos via Instagram or post them as a daily blog. Users will be curious to check out the feed and follow your posts. 
Create live interaction with your Instagram audience

Publish reviews of your grateful clients

Get recommended and assure users how great you’re at what you do. Add testimonials, using website builder and gain a high level of trust and confidence in your skills.
Publish reviews of your grateful clients

Promote your social media account

The more engagement you have – the more your audience is. Add links to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media to convert your followers into clients.
Promote your social media account

Answer the most popular questions

Set up a FAQ page to provide your visitors with more details about your business and services. It could become a key moment for a user to become your client.
Answer the most popular questions

Step 2

Choose a Photography Website Builder

Creating websites is easy now. You don’t need to hire a developer or learn coding, just use a website builder. These online services are cheap, offer a wide range of ready-made templates, widgets and other tools to help you with any tasks. Just choose the one from the list below and start creating your photographer website right now for free!


Best photograpy website builder with the design esthetic: premade templates, outstanding design tools and inspiring ideas.


Get access to a deeper level of customization options to introduce your photography individuality and skills.


Create your brand and grow your photography business, using professional ecommerce and marketing solutions.

Step 3

Structure your content

Now it’s time to make a structure of your website and fill it with engaging content. Just remember, the simpler for your visitors to find what they are looking for – the easier for them to make a decision. So it’s better to use simple website builders for setting up a clear menu and other elements. The most common structure of the simple website for photography business are:

Home page

The first impression is the most important. The full-sized automatic slider or an interactive grid with the best pics will introduce your skills. A few positive testimonials will tell users you can be trusted. Would you like to raise more interest in your personality? Add an Instagram feed to the footer for live-interaction with your audience. 


Make your portfolio for your photography website stylish and clear. Create labeled categories, which are easy to browse. If you need to add a description for the galleries, use it at the popup, not at preview mode. Also, pay attention to the quality of your images and how they are cropped.

About Me

Introduce yourself and your services, adding a welcome video, or at least your personal photo. Users prefer to see who they’re dealing with, so display reviews by your grateful clients. Besides, there you can share your expert hints or invite to participate in your workshops via the interactive event.


Be transparent and add a pricing table on your Services page: describe all benefits and special offers. To provide your audience with detailed information about your business services – use the handy FAQ section with your thorough answers.

Contact Me

Create a handy contact form, with easy to fill fields and clear captions for them. Don’t forget about contact information, like your phone number or email address. Also, add social media buttons, so your visitors can be acquainted with your personality, workflow moments or message you there.

Step 4

Test and launch

Here’s a list of steps you need to do before the launch of your website. Follow our brief guide and demonstrate your Photography website to the audience. 

  • Connect your domain

    Practically all website builders for photograpers offer you to do it, if not – use one of the domain providers like GoDaddy.

  • Create Brand Logo

    If you don’t have your brand logo yet – take your own name as the basis for creating a logo and create it with the help of a logo generator, like Tailor Brands.

  • Test if it works on mobile devices

    Open your website on different mobile devices, go through all pages and make sure that everything works correctly. Pay attention to your menu performance and the quality of the images.

  • Check the functionality

    All sliders, popups, call-to-action or share buttons should work correctly, otherwise, users will close your website. With the help of the modern website builders all settings can be made in a few clicks.

  • Time to announce

    Attract more users to your website, announce its launch on social media and promote it via shares and special offers.

  • Done! 🏆

    Congratulations! You’ve made your first photography website and it will help you to have more clients and grow business. Just don’t stop improving your content and functionality to achieve even greater success.

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