Create a Game Website

Form a delightful gaming website from a to z or enhance the one you’ve already built on the bedrock of any favorable CMS or website builder
Step 1

Decide upon your future website aims

Virtual reality has become immensely popular among people all around the world. If you have an amazing game that’ll take over people’s minds and hearts, you’ll definitely need a catchy website. All the websites work as a resolution of some particular roadblock, and gaming websites are not an exclusion. First up, it is important to study your target audience and establish all the tasks you are to cover. Generally, gaming websites are intended to serve the following purposes:

Amuse gamers by astonishing videos

Display an inspiring video teaser on a welcome page. Tell the exciting story of your company and demonstrate video reviews of happy players.
Amuse gamers by astonishing videos

Present different tariff plans

Show the prices your potential users are searching for in the shape of a pricing table, and flaunt your offer is much more worthy than your competitors’ one.
Present different tariff plans

Reveal the real superstars of the game

Disclose your dev team members, show their faces, share their values and tell about their backgrounds in the form of a responsive grid.
Reveal the real superstars of the game

Uncover answers to the most popular questions

Present your video game in the most winsome way by answering common questions in the help center.
Uncover answers to the most popular questions

Tease people with new features coming soon

Tell the news and announcements and provide them with exciting photos, videos, call to action buttons.
Tease people with new features coming soon

Show that your brand is trustworthy by placing people’s overviews on the web page

Prove that your game is appreciated by many all around the world and display reviews directly on the website.
Show that your brand is trustworthy by placing people's overviews on the web page
Step 2

Pick the most relevant website platform

Almost all the clothing websites are built on the ground of some platform – for instance, a site builder. They are adapted for almost everyone as they make it much easier to shape your own website without coding. In most instances, itu2019s cheaper to make use of a site builder than recruit a skilled programmer. In our case, weu2019ll look through the most popular ecommerce platforms that will enable you to use all the enlisted above instruments without any difficulties. You can start with picking the most suiting clothing website builder from an array below, then select a template for your future online store – and you’re half-seas-over!


One of the most popular platforms to easily create your own game website. Simply drag and drop elements, add all the necessary widgets and configure everything in a few clicks.


Simple and time-saving tool with premade trendy solutions. It has flexible design, offers many thousands of instruments for you to make a gaming website for free.


If you wish to build a huge website with tons of pages, you’ll surely need a reliable website builder, and WordPress is a perfect candidate. It will give you an opportunity to keep data of users safe and sound.

Decide which platform you’d better use and keep in mind they all offer a free trial period. Also check if the templates they offer allow you to present game in the most attractive way. You will also need to choose a tariff plan, remembering about the prospects of the website’s development.

Step 3

Fill in your gaming site

When you’ve picked your website platform and a preferable template, it’s time to fill in your website pages to suffuse them with information and plugins to supply all the needs described in STEP 1. Most times, a website devoted to the game has the following pages:

Welcome page

Introduce the game, tell the exciting history of your company. Place an inspiring video with a CEO talking about the values and ideas, letting people know about the game something more than just rules. Such a video will surely make a dazzling impression! A great idea will be to talk about your partners and tell where except for the website your game can be found.

About us

On this page, it’s great to speak about team members, place the timeline of development, photo and video interviews.

Help Center

Answer the most frequently asked questions on this page. Make the navigation in the database of your game comprehensible and accessible for all the users. Another objective of this page is

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Explain players how cookies are collected on the website, clarify the process of collecting and saving data. Principles and values of personal info is appreciated a lot in the information era.


Use blog to announce updates, news, and to record your reactions to the events in the world of technologies.

Step 4

Test and launch

Before your website goes live, you need to make sure everything works as expected. Our handy checklist will aid you not to leave out a single significant step.

    Before your website starts off, you definitely need to confirm everything works properly. Our handy checklist will aid you not to omit a single important step.

  • Test your mobile performance.

    Nowadays it’s greatly important that your blog works and looks fantastic on smartphones since more than half of your users will browse it with their smartphones.

  • Add your logo.

    If you haven’t got it, create it using a logo generator, for instance, Tailor Brands.

  • Connect your domain.

    In case you haven’t obtained it when using the website builder, you have to buy it now. Use GoDaddy to start with.

  • Look over the functionality

    All slides, popups, call-to-action or share buttons are obliged to work in due course, otherwise, visitors will leave your blog.

  • Announce your blog launch in social media.

    Turn the online visitors into real clients. Attach a link to your website to your social media accounts so that your followers could see it. Yet another reason to come to you for lunch.

  • Done! 🏆

    Congrats! Now you’re a blog owner. Go share the link to your website with friends and favorite clients and start collecting the reviews – it will aid you to obtain more clients. And don’t stop upgrading your content and performance to achieve even greater success.

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