How to create a crowdfunding website

Make an amusing crowdfunding website from square one or strengthen that one you’ve already constructed on the basis of any preferable CMS or site builder.

Step 1

Specify your future website aims

If you start a crowdfunding website, describe the major goals of your fundraising campaign to make it clear for your future investors. Provide them with maximum information, so they will easily make the right decision on your new product or startup project.  Also, don’t forget about some particular pain points and tasks your site is to cover. Generally, these things are what makes a successful crowdfunding website:

Answer the most popular questions

Create FAQ to reveal all the details of your project and increase social trust in your beginnings.
Answer the most popular questions

Present your campaign in numbers

Showcase the changing number of investors or highlight the main points of your project in numbers – hours spent, team members or key results if you’ll succeed. 
Present your campaign in numbers

Be closer to your audience

Prove you can be trusted and show real-time progress via your Instagram, account. Use visually appealing materials to attract as many investors as possible.
Be closer to your audience

Increase the number of investors via shares

More shares of your content in the popular social media will help you raise the required amount of money for your needs.
Increase the number of investors via shares

Step 2

Pick the  best website builder

All sites are formed on the back of some platform – a website builder. They meet the cases of practically everyone as they make it much easier to create a crowdfunding website for free without programming. You can begin with selecting the most preferable builder from an array below, then choose a template and your best website for crowdfunding is almost ready.


Customized solution for your deep website personalization via free templates


An uncomplicated and time-saving tool to build a crowdfunding website


Makes sense for those website owners who like using plugins an other tools
Step 3

Fill in your crowdfunding website

When you’ve chosen your site platform and a suiting template, it’s time to form your website pages to suffuse them with information and widgets to supply all the needs from STEP 1. Usually for a crowdfunding investing website create you need to create:


This page can be a crucial moment to turn your website audience into your investors. Place all the possible details of your future project and prove it’s really worth spending money on. FAQ section will be a great idea to cover major questions. Tell about the project in numbers: preliminary or future results, benefits if it’ll succeed or any other things to ensure your audience to donate right on the website,  And, of course, don’t forget about the donate button – it must catchy and noticeable.

About us 

If you want to raise money as fast as possible, use the ways that will introduce and bring you closer to your audience. Tell your story about how your project or company started out. To increase your credibility level, place one of your social media feeds to showcase progress in real-time or just create a photo portfolio with your works. Reveal all the reasons, why people should invest in your ideas. To spread this content and draw more attention to your crowdfunding campaign, place social media share buttons as well.


Provide detailed contact information: at least, your email and phone number. Thus, people can reach you and offer not only money but the services and help to achieve your goals faster.  

Step 4

Test and launch!

After you’ve learned how to make a crowdfunding website, you have to check iif everything works correctly. Our handy checklist will help you not to leave out a single significant step.

  • Connect your domain

    If you haven’t obtained it when using the website builder, you need to buy it. Use GoDaddy to start with.

  • Test your mobile performance

    These days it’s exceedingly important that your website works and looks excellent on smartphones because more than half of your visitors will open it with their smartphones.

  • Add your logo

    If your website crowdfunding is for business, certainly create your personal logo. You can easily do it, using a logo generator, for instance, Tailor Brands.

  • Control the functionality

    All interactive elements like counters, FAQ accordion, CTAs or social media buttons must work in due course, otherwise, your visitors will leave your site in a rush.

  • Announce your website launch on social networks

    To make the fundraising campaign successful, announce about it in the popular social media. Adjoin a link to your website to your social network accounts so that your subscribers could see it.

  • Done! 🏆

    Congrats! Now you’ve created a crowdfunding website on your own. Don’t stop upgrading your content and performance to reach even greater success.

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