How to create a booking website

Build a splendid booking website from the ground up or reinforce the one you’ve already constructed on the basis of any CMS or website builder. Have more quests this season!

Step 1

Specify your prospective website tasks

How to make a hotel booking website? First of all, define your top goals and think of several must-haves which are universal such services. Generally, booking websites are intended on having the following elements: 

Demonstrate your interiors and facilities

Add stunning photos of your interiors, fascinating views and the best places your guests can visit if they stay exactly at your hotel or apartments.
Demonstrate your interiors and facilities

Present price range, depending on the season

One of the most important things for a purchase decision is cost. When you make your online store for the first time, try to avoid a wide range in prices, start with creating a clear pricing table with taxes or shipping information.
Present price range, depending on the season

Always stay in touch with your guests

Give your visitors a chance to message you, if they have some extra questions or need to aware about the delay. The best way to do it – to create a chat box right on the website.
Always stay in touch with your guests

Don’t forget about social media presence

Add social media buttons to help your visitors reach you on all popular social media and promote your business account.
Don’t forget about social media presence

Tell about events and entertainment

Add event calendar with all kinds of activities you have in your hotel: live music on Fridays, yoga mornings or master classes. Make your guests be eager to try new experiences while travelling.
Tell about events and entertainment

Describe your location and easy way to reach it 

Put an interactive map with the navigation function to help your guests find the easy way to your hotel.
Describe your location and easy way to reach it 

Step 2

Select the most relevant website platform

All sites are created on the basis of some platform – like a website builder. They are adapted for almost everyone as they make lighter to build your a booking website without programming. In most scenarios, it’s less costly to use a site builder than to hire a proficient developer. Just pick the most preferable builder from a list below, then choose a template for your future – and you’re half-seas-over!


An understandable and time-saving platform with premade design tools.


Easy-to-use platform with responsive themes for your free booking website.


Suits all business owners who seek for custom design and blogging feature.
Step 3

How to make and fill the structure of a booking website

Right after you’ve selected your site platform and a suiting template, it’s high time to form your website pages to inflate them with content and widgets to supply all the needs you’ve defined in STEP 1. Most of hotel booking websites have the following structure: 


Invite users to visit your place from the first seconds spent on your website. Put a slider or photo gallery to impress them with the beautiful view, charming landscapes and stylish interiors. To make your offer trustworthy, don’t forget about reviews from your previous guests – let them share experience and have more guests this season.


Create a clear pricing list or table with all additional information, room size, interior photos and services like room cleaning or laundry charges, city taxes and etc. Implement the toggle mode, if you need to display the price according to the high or low season. 

Make a reservation

Add online booking to your website via handy booking forms, thus you’ll know not only arrival and departure times but also some guests’ preferences to be better prepared for their visit.

About us

Tell a bit more about your place, staff and facilities. You can add history details, or describe all activities your guests can take part in, using interactive event calendars. Attract more visitors to your hotel or apartments. 


Provide customers with a few fastest ways to stay in touch with you: your contacts, email address, social media buttons and live chatbox. Also, don’t forget to place an interactive map, so the users can evaluate your convenient location and can easily get to your hotel.

Step 4

Test and launch!

At the last step of creating your booking website, you definitely need to confirm everything works as expected. Our useful checklist will help you not to overlook a single significant step. 

  • Connect your domain

    If you haven’t got it when you worked with the site builder, you definitely need to buy it. Use GoDaddy to begin with.

  • Test your mobile efficiency

    Presently it’s extremely important that your site performs and looks great on smartphones – more will search for hotels via their smartphones.

  • Add your logo

    If you haven’t got it, create it using a logo generator, like, Tailor Brands.

  • Do a check of the functionality

    All slides, pop-ups, CTA buttons or share buttons should work in due course, otherwise, your users will close your site in a rush.

  • Announce your new site launch on social media

    Twist the online audience into real clients. Adjoin a link to your website to your social media accounts in order that your subscribers could see it.

  • Done! 🏆

    Congrats! You’ve just created your own booking website. Now share the link to your resource with friends and all clients have more guests!