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Best Blog Website Builder

How to create a Blog website from the scratch or upgrade the one you’ve already built on the basis of any CMS or website builder

Step 1

Things to consider when you create a blog site

If you are a successful writer, you might have thought about a career of a blogger at least once in your life. A blog website is a great idea for having passive income, share thoughts, and earn extra money on advertising. However, some think that blogging requires computer skills and seems overwhelming. That’s not true, and in the guide below you’ll find out how to build a blog website with zero coding skills. Every website works as a resolution of some particular pain point and has a target audience in all cases. First, you need to finalize all the tasks you plan to cover. Most of the time, blogs serve the following purposes:

Easily make content shareable

Being a good author, you’ll definitely gain a lot of attention to your texts. It’s possible to spread it all around the world with the help of share icons.
Easily make content shareable

Boost appreciation of your blog

Placing reviews on your website texts could have a favorable effect on your blog while giving readers a little insight into the content.
Boost appreciation of your blog

Make blog pictures synced across all the platforms

You can import posts from Instagram directly to the blog website. It makes sense if you want more followers on Instagram from the Internet.
Make blog pictures synced across all the platforms

Support posts with breathtaking videos

Even if you don’t have a YouTube channel, videos can be very beneficial for your blog, especially if you are going to post tutorials.
Support posts with breathtaking videos
Step 2

Pick your website platform

All the blogs are created on the back of some platform – for example, a site builder. They are adapted for practically every website owner as they make it much lighter to build your own website without programming. For the most part, it’s less costly to employ a site builder than to hire an experienced programmer. You can start with selecting the most preferable builder from a list below, then choose a template for you to create a blog site – and you’re half-seas-over!


Squarespace an uncomplicated and time-efficient instrument with premade layout solutions. You can easily build your Blog site using drag and drop instruments.


Construct your professional Blog website employing adaptable prebuilt Wix templates.


Make your wonderful Blog website using a malleable premade WordPress template.

Overall ratings

Create your ideal website utilizing the best site builders. Looking at the comparison chart below, you will look over the influential components of the platforms and pick the one that fully meets your needs for the coming website.

Free Plantrialfreefree
*limited functionality
Paid From (mo.)
Overall4.4 out of 54.3 out of 54.2 out of 5
Quality of Support8.5
Ease of Setup8.88.17.9
Templates10+ 1000+
* most are paid
Our widgets
for Platforms
Widget ListPlugin CatalogApp library
All the info has been obtained from the open channels. Elfsight does not bear the responsibility for truthfulness of the information demonstrated. On condition of finding any inconsistencies, please, contact us.

Just after you pick a Website Builder for making a Blog website, always watch out for functionality and best value for money. Employ a free trial period or free version to make a trial run of the platform. This is the best way to determine if the website blog builder is indeed as comfortable and useful as they picture it.

Step 3

Blog website examples

Control a list of well-known Blog templates. They all have unique structure, elements and style. Decide upon the most convenient Blog style ideas for your inspiration.

Example 1: Makeup Blog website

Supposing you’re digging for a wonderful starting point, make use of this smooth, yet very profitable business template for creating a free blog site. Add several widgets to enhance its overall style and functionality and start evolving your business right away.

Example 2: Marketing Blog website

If you’re looking for an exceptional starting point for making your own blog website, use this simple, yet very powerful business template. Attach a few widgets to enhance its overall style and performance and start growing your business today.

Example 3: Professional Designers Blog website

Supposing you’re in a search of a perfect starting point create a free blog site, utilize this uncomplicated, yet very efficient business template. Add several widgets to enhance its overall style and performance and commence developing your business without delay.

Step 4

Fill in your travel website

Right after you’ve picked your site platform and a suiting template, it’s high time to form your website pages to inflate them with information and widgets to cover all the needs we’ve talked about in STEP 1. Commonly, a website has the following pages:

Home page →

This is going to be the most appealing and revealing page on the website. Tell about yourself and your life principles. Your blog should be unique and outstanding, and it will be a brilliant idea to accompany the text with inspiring photos and videos. Share content created for social networks on the website. Introduce your content in the most engaging way and get more followers.

Blog pages →

Blog posts are the most interesting pages on your website. Include a calendar of events for people to look forward to your new story, attach a photo to post header, add a high-quality video to the webpage. People will get excited and enthusiastically share your amazing texts through social media using share buttons.

Contact page →

You can also collaborate with the contributors to the website and advertise them. To make it easier for anyone to get in touch with you, fill in your contact info or add information about those who support you.

Step 5

Test and launch

Before your blog goes live, you have to be certain everything works as intended. This useful checklist will help you not to let through a single important step.

  • Test your mobile performance.

    Presently it’s extremely important that your blog works and looks fantastic on smartphones because more than half of your visitors will browse it with their mobile phones.

  • Add your logo

    If you haven’t got it, produce it using a logo generator, for example, Tailor Brands.

  • Connect your domain

    If you haven’t obtained it while you worked with the website builder, you need to buy it now. Use GoDaddy, to begin with.

  • Poke around the functionality

    All carousels, pop-ups, call-to-action, or share buttons must work in due course, otherwise, your visitors will leave your website hurryingly.

  • Announce your blog launch on social media.

    Transform the online audience into real clients. Adjoin a link to your website to your social networks accounts to the end that your followers could see it. Another reason to visit you for dinner.

  • Done! 🏆

    Congratulations! Now you’re a blog owner. Go share the link to your resource with friends and all clients and begin collecting the reviews – it will aid you to have more clients. And don’t stop upgrading your content and functionality to attain even greater success.

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