Create your Art Website

Build a splendid art portfolio website from scratch or boost the one you’ve already created on the back of any CMS or website builder

Step 1

Define your future website tasks

Every single website is a resolution of some particular roadblock and has a target audience obligingly. For a start, you have to pin down all the tasks you plan to cover. In most scenarios, art design site is intended on having the following elements: 

Announce exhibitions and other events

Give your online visitors a chance to admire your works live and make them count days till next event
Announce exhibitions and other events

Get closer to your audience

Add your social feed on the website so that your users could follow your account and see your works in progress

Highlight your best projects

Use one more way to demonstrate the works you’re proud of – add an engaging slider to the main page
Highlight your best projects

Step 2

Choose a website platform

All sites are built on the bedrock of some platform – for instance a site builder. They meet the cases of approximately every website owner as they make easier to shape your site without programming work. In most instances it’s less costly to employ a website builder than recruit a professional software engineer. You can begin with choosing the most suiting builder from a list below, then pick a template for your prospective art site – and you’re halfway through! 


Easy to understand and time-saving instrument with readymade style solutions


Tailor-made solution for your deep website personalization


Best for those website owners who seek for a great many of ecommerce solutions

Step 3

Fill in your art website

After you’ve chosen your site platform and a relevant template, it’s high time to generate your site pages to fill them with information and plugins to supply all the tasks we’ve talked about in STEP 1. More often, a website has the following pages: 


It’s an essential page of your website. It serves as a shop window or a doorway to your portfolio. Here you can present your most prominent artworks, demonstrating them via slider, your contact info and a calendar with all the exhibitions marked. Make sure the navigation here is simple and users can easily go to other pages of your website.


This page can be used to engage your audience on the emotional level. Here you can share your story, tell more about how your works are created, and also give links to your social media accounts.


Depending on the type of artworks you’re creating, the gallery can be filled with all sorts of content – photos, videos, texts, or all of them at once. Make sure it’s also easy to navigate – you can divide it into sections by year, month or in alphabetical order.


It doesn’t matter if you are looking for sponsors, planning to collaborate with art galleries, or just want to get feedback from your audience, the contact page on the site is a must. Add your email, phone number, links to social media and any other details you find necessary. 

Step 4

Test and launch

Before your site is launched, you definitely need to make sure everything works as it should. This useful checklist will aid you not to let through a single significant step. 

  • Test your mobile performance.

    Now it’s highly important that your website works and looks excellent on smartphones because more than half of your visitors will open it with their mobile phones.

  • Attach your logo.

    If you haven’t got one, create it making use of a logo generator, for instance, Tailor Brands.

  • Connect your domain.

    In case you haven’t obtained it when you worked with the site builder, you might want to buy it now. Use GoDaddy to begin with.

  • Do a check of the functionality

    All slides, popups, CTAs or social media buttons must work correctly, otherwise, users will close your site in a rush.

  • Announce your new website launch on social media.

    Transform the online audience into real customers. Attach a link to your site to your social media accounts to the end that your followers could see it. Yet another reason to visit you!

  • Done! 🏆

    Congrats! You’re a site owner. Go share the link to your website with friends and favorite clients and start collecting the reviews – it will help you to have more visitors. And don’t stop upgrading your content and functionality to attain even greater success.

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