Houzz Reviews Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Houzz Reviews and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Sorting for impeccable reviews picking

Our Houzz Reviews may help you show only good or the most significant reviews on your organization. To make it possible, there are a few sorting options. You are free to pitch the widget to reveal all reviews or beneficial only; Exclude By sorting option will conceal the comments containing the keywords and names which you set; with quantity filter, you can set the amount of testimonials to reveal; employing the hand-pick option, you are free to showcase only the comments left by peculiar authors or select them by keywords. And you can cover testimonials with no comments.

Filter the testimonials just like it suits you best

It’s for you to decide which way your reviews will be demonstrated. We’ve granted you with two switching options: New ones first are there to demonstrate newly produced comments at the top position of your list and random order helps you to blend freshest and old comments so that users could always see diverse reviews.

Apply the language your audience speaks

All the widget’s text elements can be interpreted into your language. It will make testimonials sorting more simple for your users. Simply fill out all the required fields in the corresponding section of the configurator.


Adaptable parts of the header

The header of our Houzz Reviews widget is fully adaptable and gives you freedom to design it the way you like. You can display or conceal ratings, demonstrate the amount of the comments and choose the paint of the number rating. The title of the widget is editable as well, so you are free to give it your own name. In case you don’t want to display the header, you can switch it off.

6 options of widget layout

There are six types of layout at your service, so you are free to find an optimum position of your reviews on the pages of your site. They may be placed one by one by means of List option; choose Grid to construct a grid of reviews; Slider will demonstrate reviews carousel; Masonry will put comments in optimal position in accordance with vacant vertical space; Floating Badge will accompany your visitor as he scrolls the page, and the Embeddable badge layout is there to seamlessly fit the reviews card into your website design. Each layout has additional settings: by means of Slider, you may pick arrows or drags for navigation, select sliding speed and pagination variant, and with each layout, you are free to choose the amount of testimonials to show per page.


Post a review option to draw more reviewers

The header has a swappable CTA button that inspires users to post a review about your company. After clicking the button, users will be offered to choose a site where they need to post their review. Increase the number of positive comments without much effort!


Variants of review layouts

With Elfsight Houzz widget, your reviews can be displayed the most stunning way, meanwhile save the features of the familiar concept. Also the widget offers three layouts that will reveal the most fitting way your clients reviews. While the Classic will save a well-known look, Bubble will put author’s information under the review text, Spotlight will align all the elements center and shift the stress on the text. Showcase your reviews from a new point of view!

Five review elements

The Houzz widget provides you five customizable elements: Author Name, Author picture, Date, Rating, Review source. Each of them can be easily unseen to make your reviews look more accurate. The Review source can be displayed in three various ways – you can choose Icon, Logo or Text. In case you wish to demonstrate as many details as you need, complete it with all the elements and your testimonials will look extremely trustworthy!

Fully-responsive widget settings

To thoroughly embed your comments to your site, whatever the site requirements are, Elfsight team have created the Houzz widget mobile-friendly.

Align the width, trying all options to pick out the finest one. What is more, using any parameters you like, your reviews widget will look excellent on the tablets, smartphones or desktop thanks to built-in mobile optimization.

Ways to demonstrate texts of the reviews

Only you can determine whether you want the review text to be viewed as a short version or full one. In case you choose the “Short” option, the visitors will have to press “Read more” to see the rest of the review. The “Full” variant is there to display your testimonials with maximum info.


Repaint components of the interface

Using the widget by Elfsight, your testimonials just can’t result in being boring. Practically all the widget’s components can be colored autonomously: text, background, a star rating, and more. Choose the accent color which will make the widget catchy. The review source logo can be one-colored or have its original features. Check out the several combinations or have the familiar colors – it’s up to you!

Ready-to-use schemes

To get your reviews to attract your visitors’ attention, we’ve developed two color schemes. The Dark one is there to create a stunning look and the Light is for those who prefer neat one. And if you wish to have a unique design, you are always free to set up a custom color scheme.


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