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Google Maps Examples

Check maps examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: A clear and moderate map with simple settings

A traditional variant, which shows Roadmap type and has all additional layers switched off. These basic settings make the map clear and easy to read. There’s a single location marker on the map, so no need to overload the look with a panel. Clean and easy-to-navigate minimalist map.
Google maps traditional example

Example 2: A handy map for choosing the closest of the locations

The map widget has multiple departments marked and to unite them together, a list of them is displayed on location panel. Each marker shows info window on hover to check details about the location in no time. It’s easy to choose the closest of the locations and see a route to it from your location right on the page.
Google map example for choosing the closest location

Example 3: A compact map for balanced look

A moderate size makes this variant perfect for Contact us page or other pages with diverse content. It doesn’t interfere with the background due to its size and absence of additional elements. It’s just a Roadmap in “Night” color scheme and the location which is marked on it. Visitors can also shift to Satellite mode.
Google map example: a compact map for balanced look

Example 4: Informative map with diverse infrastructure

A map rich in location markers of different categories. The map with a close zoom shows a diversity of places of interest in the close distance. No additional layers and elements – just a variety of places to visit and the main location marked in a custom way to focus viewer’s attention.
Google map example: an informative map with diverse infrastructure

Example 5: A custom-colored map with categorized markers

A bright example of how your choice of colors can change the whole map and make it look special. The color here is the main accent and there are no extra elements that could make it look overloaded. A marker is of medical category, chosen from the library and has a recognizable symbol.
Google map example: a custom-colored map with categorized markers

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