G2 Reviews Examples

Check G2 Reviews examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1: Review Request

The reviews are arranged into a spacious widget in complementary G2 colors, with an informative header. The header shows total rating of the page and a count of reviewers with the photos of the most recent ones. The photos are clickable. The review-request button calls for users to leave one more review, with the Yes option painted blue to draw attention.

Example 2: List

Our widget allows you to embed your reviews into a page in a manner of a moderate list. If you turn the header off and apply Auto width and height parameters, like in this example, the widget will automatically fill all the free space on the page and will look consistent. Apply filters to restrict the number of reviews, reveal only positive of them, or conceal certain reviews by keywords.

Example 3: Masonry

Here, a set of reviews is build into Masonry variant, which puts reviews in the optimal manner based on the height value. The chosen variant of color brings authenticity to the look of the widget. The star rating displayed on the reviews is here to demonstrate high social proof of the brand.

Example 4: Grid

The combination of Grid layout and Spotlight review template brings a refined well-balanced appearance of the reviews. Straight lines and center aligned texts attract viewers’ attention. Clean geometry of Grid layout may as well work with any review template – there’s full compatibility of interface options.
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Example 5: Carousel

This widget in Slider layout showcases the reviews through a dynamic carousel with autoplay. It is an optimal case, for example, for the main page of your website. Slider layout offers navigation elements: arrows, dragging, or pagination. And you can set how many reviews will appear per slide.

Example 6: Slider

Your reviews displayed one by one will accentuate attention of users. In this use case the choice of template changes the arrangement of the elements: the author’s picture and star rating go above the review text with all elements are aligned center. All other reviews can be viewed by drag or using arrows.

Example 7: Sidebar

Take a look at this a brilliant example of how you can add a reviews widget to a site with very tight space available. In Sidebar layout, the widget has no extra elements, only the essential parts. Due to the responsive size, the reviews widget is small enough yet its full functionality is saved.

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