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Webnode File Embed widget

Insert more than 20 file types on the website for your audience to view and download


Webnode File Embed widget
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Elfsight File Embed is the simplest and quickest way for embedding files in a website. Integrate all most used files: PDF, Docx, Jpg, Pptx – in total around 20 formats. For user convenience, documents can be embedded by uploading, entering the URLs, or choosing out of the list of the latest uploaded. You can give every file your own name, upload an icon or image, pick layout variant and much more. Your visitors can check the documents straight on the site, open in a new tab, and download.

Where on my site can I integrate File Embed?

Feel free to add File Embed on any or all pages of the site. So, it can be applied to demonstrate your product documents or instructions on product pages, or boast your diplomas and qualifications on About us page.

How will I benefit from this plugin?

This widget will save you a lot of time, as with it, integrating materials in your website goes in just seconds. In addition, you will be able to give users a lot of valuable data about your items and services to achieve better understanding.

How do I add File Embed on my Webnode site?

You only need a minute of time to have the widget up and running. It is really quick, free, and no-coding.

  1. There’s an option to embed File Embed on the web page through our service. For it, you need to use the instructions below on this page.
  2. The widget can be introduced directly via our service or via the marketplace. Here you can compare more details both variants and select yours.


To shape a clearer knowledge of File Embed, you can look through the list of the essential features. They make the widget incredibly effective for you:

  • Show unlimited documents;
  • File Viewer layout variant for reading documents on the page;
  • The option to upload images for icons and previews;
  • Show or hide Download document text;
  • The option to paint 6 interface elements.

See all features in live demo

Learn how to place the File Embed widget to your Webnode site. It is no-sweat

The below steps are the only thing you need to it’s coding-free.

  1. Create your own File Embed plugin
    With the help of our free configurator, get a plugin with preferred design and functional features.
  2. Acquire the personal code to install the plugin
    After you have set your widget, you will obtain the installation code from the appeared window on Elfsight Apps. Copy it for later use.
  3. Add the plugin on your Webnode website
    Define the area where you need to embed the plugin and add the saved code there. Apply the results.
  4. Done!
    Visit the page, to view your plugin.

Still doubt something? Or have queries? Simply send a request to our customer support. The team will settle every issue.


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