Top 90+ Cookie Consent Templates for Websites

Advance the browsing experience, apprehend compliance with privacy regulations, and be open to communicating with website users about data processing with one of the visual Cookie Consent templates. Our catalog of ready-to-use informative banners is here to help you accomplish major goals while keeping your business safe and sound!
G2 Badges
Left Floating Box
Adding the subtle touch to follow requirements and obtain the needed website users' cookies consent is easy with the left floating box.
Top Banner
Add a prominent and customizable cookie banner at the top of your website, ensuring visibility and compliance.
Right Floating Box
Create the right floating cookie consent to spread a user-friendly experience for the website audience and keep the law on your side.
Center Floating Box
Add a stylish floating box of cookie consent at the center of your website to offer an engaging user interface and stay legally relevant.
Bottom Banner
Add a non-intrusive, bottom-positioned banner to discreetly inform users about cookies used on your website.
Add a minimal consent widget to announce only essential cookie usage on the website page.
Creating a clear explanation of performance cookies used on a website is easy with this consent template.
Add a cookie consent widget to keep your website legally sound with the Personal Data Protection Law and tell users about their rights with no secrets.
Create a visual cookie consent notification to resolve data processing issues and heighten your PDPA compliance.
Add a consent banner plugin to your website page and allow users to opt out of non-essential cookies.
Create an opt-in banner notification to help website visitors make deliberate cookie choices.
Adding an informative notice-only banner helps to announce the usage of cookies but stay in full control of them.
Creating trust among website users can be easily achieved with the privacy policy banner that stays under Nevada laws.
Add a consent banner widget to the website and offer multiple options for cookie acceptance.
Create a privacy law banner to share your compliance with the Montana state regulations and guidelines.
Add a mobile cookie consent to optimize the browsing and make it available to each and every website user.
Create a cookie consent template with a mix of different types of consent and allow users to pick their options.
Add a notice banner widget to notify your website visitors about the privacy practices you employ.
Create a privacy laws banner that complies perfectly with the Michigan state's regulations and shows transparency for the website users.
Add a privacy policy widget to summarize your data handling practices related to marketing activities on the website.
Create a cookie consent that perfectly represents and meets the requirements of the Brazilian General Data Protection Law for your website.
Creating an impactful cookie consent acceptance is super easy with an interactive widget that adheres to privacy regulations.
Add a disclaimer notification to protect the intellectual property and promote available usage cases.
Create a smooth content viewing and inform about cookie usage with the implied consent widget.
Add a policy banner widget to your website page to broadcast the commitment to HIPAA regulations.
Create a visual banner for the website page to let users know about the session cookie usage.
Add an inviting way to inform users about cookie usage on your website with the welcome consent widget.
Create a privacy law banner and demonstrate your commitment to compliance with Utah's laws.
Adding a US cookie consent can help you win the trust of your American audience and adhere to regulations without any issues.
Creating a cookie consent banner tailored to the requirements of UK regulations is easy with this template.
Create a consent template to report users about cookies set by third-party services.
Add your website's terms and conditions to obtain users' agreement to both your cookie usage and regulations.
Create a cookie consent template to let visitors know about cookies used for targeted advertising.
Add strictly necessary consent and notify users about cookies essential for website functionality.
Create a simple and sleek way to let website users know about cookie use with this notification bar.
Add a space-saving cookie consent widget in the side panel of your website while providing the regulation details.
Adding a PIPEDA Cookie Consent template to your website page can help you comply with Canada's privacy laws in a stylish manner.
Add a cookie consent widget to increase your website's visibility by being optimized for search engines.
Create a cookie consent banner widget that appears when visitors scroll through your website.
Add a privacy policy to your SaaS business website and make people aware of your data processing practices.
Add an RGPD cookie consent to the web page and ensure compliance with European privacy laws.
Create a cookie consent plugin to provide a sleek way to inform visitors about cookies and safeguard your restaurant business.
Add a responsive cookie consent banner to your website and offer a user-friendly experience on all digital devices while keeping it compliant.
Create a perfect cookie consent plugin for the website in the real estate industry and ensure visual compliance with the laws.
Adding a popup template lets you capture user consent for cookies clearly and maintain GDPR compliance with ease.
Create a privacy clause bar to comprehend and handle the regional laws while being on good terms with website users.
Add a comprehensive compliance cookie plugin to accommodate different privacy regulations and website user preferences.
Add a distinct banner plugin to ensure compliance and user choice while enhancing website appeal.
Create a customizable cookie policy message to communicate the legal alignment of the website with a user-centric approach.
Add a consent plugin template and ensure diverse cookie laws while maintaining user interaction on the website page.
Create a cookie widget to prompt user consent with a distinctive disclaimer popup.
Add a control banner widget to the website page and enhance user trust with available cookie consent options.
Create an attractive cookie consent banner with text to bring the message straight to website users and ensure legal adherence.
Add a cookie widget with a popup effect to deliver compliance and interactive consent options on the website while being in style.
Create an eye-catching consent notice banner widget to capture website user attention and give the choice to manage cookies.
Add a consent template to your website page and message about the cookies used, maintaining transparency and legal alignment.
Create an appealing format for users to process cookies on a website using a simple consent button.
Create a wall notification consent to respect users' privacy and encourage them to accept cookies used on your website.
Create a seamless consent handling and help users manage privacy with a sleek cookie bar right on your website.
Add a customizable cookie banner to your website and offer essential cookie information and consent options for your website users.
Create a dynamic popup alert and motivate users to agree upon cookie usage on your website page.
Add a striking cookie acceptance popup to prompt user consent effectively without compromising visual appeal.
Create the cookie consent plugin to address all the commercial website needs and build long-lasting trust with users.
Create a cookie consent widget to meet the CCPA requirements perceivably and follow California's privacy regulations.
Add a visual cookie widget to the website to stay relevant to the legal nuances of CalOPPA regulations.
Create a cookie plugin to cater to California Consumer Privacy Act requirements on your website.
Create a seamless user experience with automatic cookie acceptance, balancing compliance and user convenience on your website.
Add this policy widget to the website to meet Australian privacy standards and protection regulations.
Add the consent banner to make sure users understand the importance and meaning of essential cookies on your website page.
Create ad-related compliance with this banner, ensuring transparency and user choice in ad tracking on your website.
Creating a GDPR cookie consent widget is the best way to demonstrate your commitment to the compliance rules.
Add a GDPR-compliant cookie banner to follow the requirements and be transparent to the public eye.
Create a cookie alert plugin to notify every website user about data collection and your full GDPR compliance.
Add a cookies banner template and communicate the purpose and use of functional cookies on your website page.
Create a cookie notification widget to communicate cookie usage while maintaining a convenient website design for the footer section.
Add a floating cookie consent banner to gain consent while being easy for all the users to access.
Create a good browsing experience on your website page and communicate the use of first-party cookies with the visual banner.
Add an explicit cookie consent plugin to the website and gain permission or rejection from users for storing data on their computers.
Create clear transparency and build trust among website users by broadcasting the EU directive alignment with a cookie consent widget.
Create detailed cookie consent options for website visitors with the easy-to-use granular consent template.
Create a clear and informative cookie policy that stays in line with the ePrivacy Directive to receive user consent and follow the rules.
Add a cookie privacy policy widget and gain user consent around data usage in your ecommerce website store.
Create a cookie banner template to represent the compliance of your website with the DSGVO regulations and improve data privacy.
Add a customizable privacy policy plugin to protect your users' data and other sensitive information relevant to your case.
Create a user-friendly cookie widget to comply with the CPRA privacy policy and inform about data collection on the website.
Add a customizable popup message widget to prompt user cookie consent, maintaining full compliance with the law.
Create a cookie disclaimer message and communicate agreements clearly to users, ensuring legal alignment.
Add a compelling popup to the website page and collect users' cookie consent in a visually engaging format.
Create a clear and customizable cookie usage message, affirming compliance and respect for user privacy.
Add a warning tailored to cookie laws, ensuring compliance and user acknowledgment of legal standards.
No Suitable Template?
You can easily assemble the widget you need using our simple-to-use configurator.

What Are Cookie Consent Templates?

The Cookie Consent templates come into the picture as ready-to-use visual banners to seek visitors’ approval of data handling practices used on the website page. They not only go to show the essential information, design elements, and confirmation buttons but also include reliable functionalities for complying with the privacy regulations.

Meet all the criteria to simplify the efforts and save time in regards to creating a banner. The personalization holds up tons of custom elements and features waiting to be tweaked. And it’s all while being user-friendly with no necessities for coding whatsoever.

The same scenario runs for the installation process: select the preferred template to follow the business’s needs, make it your own, get the auto-generated code to embed, and paste it on your website.

So, with that being said, let’s set it in motion and find the perfect cookie consent option in the catalog! With Elfsight, you can build long-lasting trust with the audience, be legally transparent in the public eye, and mark all the points of your requirement checklists.

How to Get Started with Cookie Consent Templates?

Getting started with Cookie Consent templates from Elfsight is quite straightforward–you don’t need any third-party service or advanced skills. Here’s a quick guide to help you begin:

  1. Take your time to browse through the various Cookie Consent categories and templates to find the one that best suits your website’s needs and compliance requirements.
  2. Once you’ve found a template that aligns with you, select it to see more details and explore its features by clicking the “Live Preview” option.
  3. Start the customization to make every aspect of it yours and only yours: change a language, specify a message, add a link to the privacy policy, personalize the confirmation buttons, upload a cookie icon, color every element, modify the text sizing, etc.
  4. Refer to a preview screen to see if everything is in the right place and works accordingly.
  5. To save changes and proceed further, tap on the “Add to website for free” button.
  6. Get an auto-generated code snippet that you can easily add to your website.
  7. Finally, embed the provided code on your website by simply pasting it into the desired content area and publishing the modifications. Your Cookie Consent widget is live!

With these outlined steps, you can seamlessly add the Cookie Consent banner template to your website, ensuring compliance with consent regulations while maintaining a smooth browsing experience for your visitors.

Five Reasons Why To Use Cookie Consent Templates

Let’s delve into five compelling reasons why you should opt for Elfsight Cookie Consent templates:

  1. Customization. The Cookie Consent templates offer a high degree of customization, enabling website owners to tailor the look, feel, and functionalities of the cookie consent banner to match their brand identity and legal compliance requirements.
  2. Legal compliance. Elfsight’s cookie templates are designed with legal compliance in mind, offering visual solutions for various international and regional privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more. Ensure your website adheres to the necessary legal requirements regarding user consent and privacy.
  3. User-friendly. The consent templates provide a user-friendly experience, making it easy for website visitors to understand and manage their cookie preferences. This transparency helps build trust and ensures a positive user experience while maintaining legal compliance.
  4. Wide range of options. Have a wide array of templates, including options for different industries, specific types of cookies, placement choices, and customizable features. This robust selection enables you to find a template that best fits their specific business or industry needs.
  5. Easy integration. Integrating the Cookie Consent widget into a website is straightforward. The provided code snippets simplify the process, allowing website owners to embed cookie consent notices seamlessly and hassle-free.

By choosing Elfsight as your cookie consent solution, you ensure accuracy, customization, and visual cohesion while maintaining brand trust. Simplify your cookie consent and compliance journey today!