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Cookie Consent Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Cookie Consent and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Choose compliance type

There are two types of compliance and you can select the one you like. One just tells your visitors that your website uses cookies, and the other asks them to choose if they agree to continue with cookies or not. Depending on the type you choose, the content of the window changes, thus for the second type there are two buttons instead of one.

Write a notification text

The text of your notification is very important. It should clearly explain that your site uses cookies, but keep a friendly and easy-to-get manner. In your widget, you can not only enter you own text, but apply font size and weight options, use lists and aligning if necessary, and insert links.

Tell more about your policy

Want to tell users more about your cookie policy? You can do it through the widget, too. We included an option to share a link to your own policy. Simply enter the URL to redirect a user and write a link text. On click, the link will open in a new browser tab.

Show or hide button and add text

Depending on the type of compliance that you choose, you can manage the buttons that appear for viewers. For simple notification type, you can choose to show the confirmation button, or do without it. If you create a notification that asks for user’s choice, then two buttons appear: for allow and decline options. In any case, you are free to add your own button labels.

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A classic look in Bar layout

Bar layout will create a horizontal widget to the full screen width, this is what users are most accustomed to. It sticks ether to the top or to the bottom of the page. Bar layout doesn’t interfere with website content and remains noticeable.

Box layout for moderate look

If you choose Box layout, the widget will be fit into a moderate window that is responsive to the volume of text and growth with it. You can place the widget in Box layout to the top or bottom of the page and also choose align variant: left, right, or center.


Choose your own colors

We know how important it is to make notification window clean and style-matching. The color is the first thing to help you with this. In Elfsight Cookie Consent widget, you can set colors of background, text, link, and buttons.

Add a cookie icon

It’s a good idea to break the seriousness of the text with a nice picture. To liven up the look of the notification, there’s a cookie icon that you can choose to show in the widget settings. It will surely bring a bit of liveliness.


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