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Contact Form Examples

Check Contact Us Form examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Simple Form

Here’s an example of a universal and easy-to-use contact form to get messages from users. It has a minimum of fields, which makes it uncomplicated and fast-to-fill. With the Classic style, it looks clean and will suit almost any website design, simply change the color of the button and icon.

Example 2. Email Form

This Email Us form looks so smooth thanks to Flat Rounded style. The form includes only the fields essential for sending an email, the rest are just disabled. The fields are arranged into one column for a compact design and the required ones are marked with * sign. Red color of the Send button makes it eye-catching.

Example 3. Extended Form

Adding some more fields makes this form quite comprehensive. The Address section includes several fields and they are arranged in a Tiled manner to save the space. The form also has a checkbox, offering to subscribe for mailout and a text field. The header shows a custom title and caption text.

Example 4. Floating Form

A floating layout can be very handy if you want to add a contact form to all pages of the website. The form will be displayed as a small bubble, following visitors scroll and it will expand on click. It is a good alternative to online chats, if you want to receive messages from clients. In this example, the floating form has an inviting title and just three fields to make the start of the conversation easier.

Example 5. Support Request

If you want users address you for support through the contact form, you can easily arrange it for this task. Select box will help users choose the type of their problem and a text field serves to enter the description of the problem. Users can also upload a file to demonstrate the issue. Classic style makes the form clean and there’s a theme icon on the header for a vivid look.

Example 6. Request a Call

In this example, a contact forms serves as a tool that helps visitors to request a call from you. A floating icon will open on click to show a minimum of fields: name, phone and preferred date and time of the call. The icon and the button are painted purple and it’s easy to change the color to any you like.

Example 7. Blank form

This is a variant for those, who want to create their own custom contact form from scratch. You don’t have to modify the existing templates, just add what you need, set the size, choose the style - in one word - enjoy a full freedom. Create a perfect contact form for your task!

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