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The fastest way of dialing your number
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Elfsight Click To Call is a simple widget for a site, that makes it quicker for your visitors to make a a reach you on the phone. Viewed from mobile devices, the widget will dial your number, after a person clicks the phone bubble. On desktops, the click reveals your number on the page and helps users start a call the same second. There’s an option to not only reveal the phone number, but also display the call window with the name and photo of the contact person and a brief text. All the call window elements are flexible and allow creating you to get any variant of the interface. You can also define a trigger which makes the phone bubble come out and choose a category of visitors for whom it will be active.

Use Click to Call to take your e-commerce goals easier!

The essential widget features offer:

  • Instant phone calls on mobile devices;
  • Three inbuilt variants of widget position: Left or Right floating or custom;
  • The option of embedding widget on selected pages or excluding web pages;
  • Three variants of users to see the widget: all, new, and returning;
  • Inbuilt widget triggers: time on the page, time on the site, scrolling percentage, and exit attempt.

Test all the customization options in full-featured demo

How do I embed Click to Call into my Jumpseller site?

Simply follow the guidelines below to embed the tool.

  1. Employ our free editor and start shaping your own widget.
    Choose the selected design and options of the plugin and save the modifications.
  2. Get your unique code exposed in the widow on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the creation of your personal tool is over, copy the exclusive code in the appearing window and save it for further use.
  3. Enter on using the tool on Jumpseller homepage.
    Paste the code you’ve copied before into your website and apply the modifications.
  4. You’re done! The embedding is successfully performed.
    Go your website to review how’s the widget performing.

If you experience any complications, have no hesitation to seek assistance of our customer service team. Our consultants will be excited to resolve all the issues you may have with the tool.

Go ahead to build tailor-made Jumpseller Click to Call!

Customise it and insert the plugin on your homepage utilizing active demo


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