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Click to Call Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Click to Call and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Calling you on the phone is a matter of a click

With Elfsight Click To Call, it’s easy as ever to give you a call. The widget shows a clickable phone icon. When viewed from a mobile, a click on icon will start dialing your number, while on PCs it will open a call window, where a user can see your phone number and additional info: contact person, short text and more.

Find the optimum position on the page

Place the widget right on the page by choosing one of the position options. You can choose a floating format, that will follow the scroll and keep the phone icon at hand. It’s available in left and right variants. Or you can choose a custom position – place the widget to any area on the page.

Vary the displaying parameters to achieve targeted action

You can make the widget work more effectively focusing on different aspects of its displaying. Thus, you can choose the category of users who will see it: all, new, or returning. Choose the days of the week and even time when you want the widget to appear; restrict the displaying on selected pages, or show it throughout the site. Finally, you can enable and disable the widget on types of devices: desktop and mobiles.

Tip: You can use Exclude option to restrict the widget on those pages, where you don’t need and save it on all other pages.

Phone call triggers help stimulate new calls

Elfsight Click To Call helps not only to make a call, but to stimulate users, too. The widget has three types of triggers that will make the phone icon pop up offering a quick call. It can be a certain time that a user spends on the site or on the page, specific scroll position in percentage, or user’s intent to leave the site.

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Variable look of the phone bubble

The phone bubble is the part of the widget that users see first. It should attract clicks and you are free to customize it. You can choose the size of the bubble, show or hide phone icon and add your own text. There’s also an option to set animation effect and choose its interval.

Tip: The bubble text font is responsive, so when you change the size of the bubble, the font size will change automatically.

Choose call window elements

The call window gives you a lot of customization opportunities. You can add the name and picture of your contact person: upload a photo or choose it from our library. Add a caption and a text, where you can use formatting options, use lists, insert links and more.


Find the best color combination

Whatever your target is: to make a widget maximum eye-catching or blending with the website background – you can do it with Elfsight Click To Call. You have the freedom to paint the bubble and call window your own colors. Backgrounds and texts of both elements, as well as the phone number can be of any color you choose.

Choose the font sizes for various elements

All text elements of the call window: person name, caption, and text features font size option. You can vary this parameter separately for each element and achieve the most balanced look. The font size of the phone number is also flexible.


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