Click to Call Examples

Check Click to Call examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Call us

This modest-sized widget is in Floating format and will move along the page when a user is scrolling. The custom choice of colors made it very contrasting, with black background and green figures of the telephone number. The call window shows the minimum of the details - only the number and the call to action.

Example 2. Sale

You can make the call window look more personalized, if you add a picture of the manager who is on the phone. You can upload your image or use the library included into our widget. This widget shows the photo, the name and the job position. There’s also a brief caption that serves to attract new calls.

Example 3. Consultation

Promote any kind of on-the-phone services using Click to Call widget. In this example, users are offered to get consultation from an expert. It’s easy to start a call just clicking on the phone number. The widget can be set to pop up only when it’s really needed: after a certain amount of time spent on the page, at a definite scroll position, or on the exit intent.
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Example 4. Support

You can provide client support through the phone, and the widget will help you to attract calls. In this example, the text invites users to make a call in case they need help. You can choose Floating or Custom layout to change the position of the widget on the page.

Example 5. Booking

This Click to Call widget is customized especially for the type of business. It is painted on the colors of a famous booking service and creates visual association. You can choose the color of the background, text, and phone number separately and vary the font sizes.

Example 6. Floating Call Button

This button is really minimalist: it doesn’t have any extra information - only the phone number and the call to action. The Floating format makes it move together with a user. You can set the widget to appear only on certain pages, where it’s really needed, or exclude it from any page.

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