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Joomla Business Hours extension

Inform visitors about your availability and display contact details

Embed Business Hours on Joomla with an Elfsight extension

Elfsight Business Hours for Joomla is a simple no-code widget enabling you to project a nice business card having the most important moments concerning your activity. You can include information on your work status and enable contacts for your clients. The widget allows you to form convenient designs, so that the customers could quickly examine all the necessary data in brief or in more detail.

The excellent widget offers some templates, so that you are able to select the best option for your website. Each template has various settings to help you develop a personal widget with required options like CTA buttons that enhance sales. Embedding the working hours and your contact data into your website pages is totally simple with Elfsight due to clear tutorials and instructions. Any user can develop and add the no-code Business Hours widget for free

Add business details to your pages to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Share meaningful information on your working status neatly using the widget.

With this widget embedded into your Joomla website, you can make your customers more informed on your business and get more sales. Pay attention to some of the top benefits for your website after embedding the free working hours into it.

  • Help the customers be always on time. Boost sales, due to being constantly there during the corresponding working hours. Your website visitors will remember your activity hours and get more convinced to make a successful purchase when they are ready.
  • Avoid confusion concerning your operation hours. Showcasing your straightforward working periods to the customers on the website will make them more loyal to your company.
  • Share contacts in a clear manner. Adding the contact details to your no-code operation hours widget allows you to establish communication and make sales better. Show that you are here to answer their concerns about your business’s products and services ending in more loyalty and approbation.

Are there any other plugins for Joomla that I can embed into my website to grow sales?

We can offer a lot of plugins to you to accomplish any type of target on your website. For example: Google Reviews, WhatsApp Chat, Event Calendar, Countdown Timer, QR Code.

How can I use Business Hours on Joomla website?

You access many ways to enhance success stats and sales by means of adding a Business Hours plugin. With Elfsight’s templates for this exciting plugin for websites, you can find a custom business solution. You can either display expanded information concerning your activity hours and tools to establish communication with you or just embed a small operating status bar. You can form contact cards with your Business Hours plugin and add them to required website pages to attract attention.

How to embed Business Hours for free into Joomla websites?

Incorporating a Business Hours plugin into your Joomla website is a great way to attract new customers and tell them about your valid time and status to ensure sales or render services. Find some tutorials on adding the no-code operation hours plugin to your website.
  1. When you need to incorporate an Elfsight Business Hours plugin into Joomla, proceed to the Elfsight website and establish an account.
  2. Adjust the no-code Business Hours by adapting its look and settings to match your Joomla website’s design.
  3. After customizing your Business Hours, copy the generated code and paste it into your Joomla website’s HTML where you’d like the plugin to appear.
By means of integrating your no-code Business Hours into your Joomla website, you’ll definitely increase its visual appearance and engage sustainable visitor loyalty. Discover the advantages of the Elfsight Business Hours at no cost for you!

We offer valuable and easy features, check some of them:

  • Showcase your organization’s real-time status
  • User-friendly timetable setup
  • Celebratory events configuration
  • Current situation status
  • Integrable table or compact status

Just check this demo to see how it works

How can I put Business Hours on my Joomla website?

Simply follow the instructions below to insert the extension with your working periods.

  1. Launch our configurator and start building your custom-built plugin.
    Choose the preferred layout and specifications of the plugin and apply the corrections.
  2. Acquire your individual code popping up in the special form on Elfsight Apps.
    Right after the configuration of your personal plugin is finished, copy the individual code at the appeared box and keep it for later usage on your website.
  3. Initiate applying of the plugin on your Joomla website.
    Add the code saved before in your homepage and apply the modifications.
  4. The installation of your no-code operation hours is successfully ended.
    Visit your website to see in action the performance of the operation hours extension.

In case you deal with some difficulties, have no hesitation to appeal to our support team. Our specialists are longing to resolve all the issues you may have with the product for Joomla.


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