Yottie Version 1.5.0 – AdSense Support, Video Order and More

We keep improving our YouTube Channel Plugin Yottie with new awesome features and options. There is a lot of staff worth loading in the latest version 1.5.0! Everything you should know about the update is here.
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Yottie Version 1.5.0 – AdSense Support, Video Order and More

Yottie 1.5.0 Change Log

We’ve updated both jQuery and WordPress versions of Yottie in order to increase quality and functionality. The newest version has the following add-ons:

  • Built-in AdSense support
  • Video order option
  • Custom CSS and JS editor
  • Option to add Yottie script on every page (for ajax websites)
  • Plugin initiation event
  • Popup vertical centering
  • Header anchor and anchor on hover colors

In addition, we’ve fixed several issues, namely:

  • Broken settings link on the plugin list page
  • Transition effect bugs
  • Header text align redeclaration
  • Double initialization
  • Safari cache bug
  • Custom header channel name color bug
  • Custom banner issue

Now we head towards the detailed description of each new feature so that you can easily check out new advantages of our YouTube channel plugin.

Built-in AdSense Support

AdSense is a program for automatic targeted advertisements. Such advertisements can be text, video, image or interactive media types. The most important thing is that the program allows receive additional earnings on a per-click or per-impression basis.

As a result, you can earn money with the help of our video plugin!

The latest version 1.5.0 of YouTube plugin supports AdSense and is able to display AdSense advertising blocks. There are 2 areas where you can set banners: below all videos in the YouTube gallery or in popup while watching any video.

By the way, some of our customers have already implemented the new feature! Here are several examples of banner’s real location on a website:

Moreover, check out screenshots, which will visualize the case.

Banner ads in a YouTube gallery
Advertisement banner is placed at the bottom of a YouTube gallery
Banner ads in popup

Advertisement banner while opening any YouTube video in popup

Video Order

We’ve received a lot of requests where our customers ask to add a feature which can regulate videos in the gallery. And we did it! For now, our YouTube channel plugin offers you vast opportunities for sorting videos.

The following fields are available for ordering: date, views, likes, dislikes, comments. Moreover, you can choose descending or ascending order for the gallery. You can also show YouTube videos in a random order using the additional random mode.

Advanced Settings

Note: codding skills are required for using the custom editor.

Option to add Yottie Script on Every Page – this feature allows adding Yottie script to every web page. By default, our plugin links only to the page where it is used. In case of having an ajax website it’s necessary to enable the new option.

Custom CSS and JS editor – the feature creates special fields, which let you add custom CSS and JS code in order to modify functionality or appearance of your YouTube plugin. By using this option, you will be able to add a custom code easily.

Popup Vertical Centering

A minor add-on is intended to improve the comfort of watching YouTube videos in popup. If popup has relatively small sizes on height (for example, you disable comments and description) then it is centered for the best user experience.

Header Anchor and Anchor on Hover Colors

We noticed that some YouTube channels contain links in its descriptions. That’s why we decided to add an opportunity of setting link colors. Choose the color of links in the header and links on hover to add even more colors to your plugin.

Get Your Latest Version of Yottie

There are tons of work behind each update. We strive to create the best YouTube Channel Plugin, which will meet any requirement. Our newest improving version is only one of further updates. There are still a lot of features, which we are going to implement in further versions.

Check your Yottie and be sure to use the latest version!

Don’t forget to leave comments about your thoughts concerning this update and our product as a whole. Moreover, if you have any idea what should be improved in Yottie then reach us by submitting a ticket in Elfsight Support Center. We will consider them and get in touch with you.

We do our best to deliver the great-performing YouTube plugin!

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