5 Best YouTube Gallery Plugins for WordPress Worth Installing

You’ve got a YouTube channel and you would like to increase the users’ engagement, and their trust in your website? Or are you trying to find an additional way of website monetization? For these purposes we have put together a selection of premium YouTube plugins that will allow you to find the best one for your site.
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5 Best YouTube Gallery Plugins for WordPress Worth Installing

Rating and selection of plugins

We have reviewed all the top plugins on CodeCanyon, and made up a list of 5 best products according to user reviews. The key criteria for the selection were the average rating, the number of ratings, the number of downloads and the frequency of updates.

Bringing you our top YouTube plugins


Yottie - best YouTube gallery plugin
Best-seller YouTube plugin on CodeCanyon.
Yottie is a one of the best WordPress YouTube plugins on CodeCanyon with 1308 sales for less than a year since its launch. It’s got a high rating of 4.93 based on 75 reviews. It allows you to display YouTube videos by an unlimited number of sources:
  • Users
  • Channels
  • Playlists
  • Video URLs
Yottie has one flexible layout with 100+ options that offer in-depth customization to give it the look you need (navigation and animation parameters, direction, auto scrolling of videos, etc). It supports AdSense, which means that it can boost your blog or information resource monetization. The plugin allows you to watch the videos in a popup window, and displays the complete information about the channel. This allows you to use it both as a gallery and as an interactive portfolio. Support response is 1 work day. You can check out Yottie on the demo page.

Youtube SEO playlist

Youtube SEO playlist plugin for WordPress
The oldest YouTube plugin in our rating.
Youtube SEO – this plugin was created back in May 2011. It’s got a large number of sales – 984 and the average rating of 4.46. It allows you to display videos by keywords, usernames, playlists. The featured display modes are single video and playlist (list of videos). There are no options for changing the layout’s appearance. One of the plugin’s distinctions is that it features the videos in sourcecode, making it possible for search engines to index the videos. Youtube SEO displays the videos in the plugin window, and not in the popup, what places restrictions on the plugin’s size. The video and account information is not displayed, and you need to go to YouTube to see it. You can check out Youtube SEO on the demo page.


Tubelab - YouTube plugin for WordPress
Tubelab is a YouTube plugin created in 2015 with 375 sales. It has a low rating of 4.17 and you should pay attention to the last update release date – 9 September 2015. Tubelab can display videos by the following sources:
  • Channels
  • Single videos
  • Playlists
The plugin has several layouts: gallery (full gallery, one channel gallery and several videos) and single videos. A number of predefined themes allow you to choose the look you need. The videos open in a popup window, styled as a YouTube player. Video information is displayed under the clips in the plugin’s feed, but you need to go to Youtube to see the account information. You can check out Tubelab on the demo page.


YouTubeR - WordPress plugin for YouTube
YouTubeR is a rather young plugin, just over a year old. Despite a low number of sales (192), it’s got quite a high rating – 4.95 based on 20 reviews. It can display videos by the following sources:
  • Single video
  • User
  • Channel
  • Playlist
Predefined layouts allow to display the feed in the following modes: gallery (basic and extended), single videos and as a YouTube channel. The videos open in a popup window. Video and account information is displayed in some of the plugin’s display modes together with the video. Support response is 2 work days. You can check out YouTubeR on the demo page.

YouTube Pro

YouTube Pro - YouTube widget for WordPress
YouTube Pro is a new plugin created in April 2016. Since that time there have been 127 sales and the users rated it at 4.33. The plugin allows to display videos by the following sources: user, channel, playlist. The feed is displayed as a gallery with several settings. The videos open in a popup window, but there is also the option of redirecting to YouTube to view them. The video and account information is not displayed, and the user will have to go to Youtube to see it. You can check out YouTube Pro on the demo page.

Basic Characteristics

The concluding table of YouTube widgets parameters.
Yottie Youtube SEO playlist Tubelab YouTubeR Youtube pro
Sales 2476 987 415 368 208
Reviews 139 139 24 19 8
Average rating 4.93 4.46 4.17 4.95 4.00
Creating date 18 Dec 2015 04 June 2011 25 June 2015 26 Sept 2015 05 Apr 2016
Last update 12 Apr 2017 27 May 2015 28 Sept 2015 19 Aug 2017 6 Apr 2017
Support response work day 1 1 2 1
Source types video, user, channel, playlist user, channel, keyword video, user, channel, playlist video, user, channel, playlist user, channel, playlist
Price, $ 19 12 19 19 16

So what is the best YouTube plugin?

We have tried to make this review useful for you in terms of choosing the one most suited to your needs from a multitude of YouTube plugins. We’ve put the emphasis on the users’ opinions (reviews, downloads, the average rating) as the most crucial indicators of a product’s quality. And we leave it up to you to select the winner. Below you can share your ideas on which plugin you believe to be the best. We are looking forward to your comments.

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