Introducing Elfsight Social Media Icons App: Increase Followers in Social Profiles

Elfsight Apps come running at full speed. So what about a whole new app? We say YES! Our team proudly presents Social Media Icons for giving web audience access to your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and others.
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Introducing Elfsight Social Media Icons App: Increase Followers in Social Profiles
Our team understands the importance of social media for everyone who has websites. If you have a blog, eCommerce website or any other resource, it’s highly likely you run some social accounts. Do you want to let web visitors visit your networks at any time? Then our newest Social Media Icons widget is right for you!

Importance of Social Media

Social media is an integral part of any online as well as offline business these days. If you are ignoring it, you probably ignore a huge customer base. Well, you should pay attention to it. Social networks can be a great source of traffic for your website. So now you look after social media as more followers means more visits to your site. But you can do the exact opposite at the same time – drive new audience to social accounts. What you get? A synergy of your website and networks. In other words, they promote each other. Here our widget comes into play and is ready to help you. Redirect web visitors to your entertaining profiles using Elfsight Social Media Icons!

Social Icons That Attract Visitors

Popularize your social profiles and gain new subscribers by installing an engaging widget on your site. Web guests will easily notice cool social media icons. As a result, you will be able to enlarge following numbers. Make people subscribe and follow you!
Add Social Media Icons to Site
The appropriate relationship with clients is a keystone for a successful business. So always stay in touch with your audience. Show icons on your website so that anyone can instantly contact you. Believe us, people will start sending feedback and ask questions through social media. To sum up, our newest application will let you:
  • Add social links to any place of your website
  • Attract your uses’ attention
  • Increase your social media traffic
  • Gain more followers and subscribers
The plugin is already available for installation at Elfsight Apps. Yeah, this means that icons are cloud-based and they can be implemented almost on any website. <figure>

Features for Complete Customization

Our social plugin supports all the leading networking sites so that you can quickly set it up and increase awareness of your social presence. Social Media Icons app has various settings to manage and adjust, specifically:
50 SVG Icons
  • 50+ social SVG icons Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the most popular social media sites. Although there are many other networks which can be equally effective if they are used properly. However, it’s up to you which social media sites you want to be active on.
  • 1 500+ combinations of use Show icons in black & white or native colors. Our product includes customizable sizes and colors, 6 ready-made styles and 5 cool animations – everything you need to make Icons fit your site perfectly. Attract audience with the proper set of style, colors and animation.
  • Handy widget editor The simple and user-friendly editor is at your service. We did our best to give developers clear UI. With its help you are able to tune up the app in several minutes.
Social Media Icons Editor
  • Easiest installation in 1-2-3 You have only three steps to set up social icons. And believe us, they are very simple. You don’t need any coding skills at all. Just add sources, customize widget’s appearance and copy the special code to the desired area of any web page.

Attentive Support for All Customers

Our team sets a target for creating the best solutions on the market. Thus, we guarantee that by installing our product you’ll also get:
  • Effective support anytime you need it
  • Updates and fresh versions that improve your app
  • The highest quality of the chosen product
Our professional developers are always ready to help you solve any issue. Just write us via [email protected] or submit a ticket at Elfsight Support Center.

Connect Social Media to Your Site

Register at Elfsight Apps and get $5 bonus at the start.
By registering at Elfsight Apps you get an access to the extensive library of stunning plugins. And what’s the best part, you can check the full functionality of Elfsight Apps and Social Media Icons in particular absolutely for free. The trial period lasts 14 days so you can evaluate all benefits and make you decision 😉