InstaShow “UI” Tab and How to Make Plugin User-Friendly

We at Elfsight continue the series of beginner’s guides for our products. Learn everything about their customization and you will be able to use plugins at full power. Today’s article will tell you about the third “UI” tab of Instagram feed InstaShow. The sensible configuration of user interface will look good for your audience.
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InstaShow “UI” Tab and How to Make Plugin User-Friendly

Create a Foolproof Instagram Gallery

Clarity is the essential part of any Instagram Feed Widget. For sure, the whole purpose of UI is to let visitors easily interact with all website elements. If users can’t at once understand how to slide some content or just close it then it leads to frustration and confusion. These are not the exact emotions you are planning to give people, right? The ultimate goal of InstaShow is to make your audience engaged. That’s why the neat interface when you embed Instagram is a necessity for our plugin. We add a level of polish to the UI and make it eye-candy at the same time. Elfsight Instagram feed includes 14 customizable parameters for the best user experience.
Instagram Feed UI Tab
InstaShow UI tab in action
Adjust navigation and control direction of your photo gallery. Tune up scrolling and easing options. Change slide/fade animations. Apply the required duration of scrolling social content. Turn on the autorotation mode and set your Instagram widget in motion to simplify its usage.
Set up these controls as you want and achieve great user experience!
In InstaShow admin panel you are free to change the following settings:
  • Controls
  • Direction
  • Animation effect
  • Popup settings
We’ve also added several very useful automatic features, such as:
  • Free mode
  • Autorotation
  • Image opening mode
Now let’s find out how all features work and how you can use them. The next section will explain all options in order to understand InstaShow UI functionality.

Controls Parameters

Choose how your visitors will scroll through images in the Instagram feed. Our plugin includes three various controls: arrows, scroll and drag. You can choose one, two or three controls straight away.
Instagram Feed Controls
Instagram feed controls option
Tip: We don’t recommend to use the scroll option in case your gallery has the full-screen width. This would make difficult to scroll your web page.
In addition, you can turn on:
  • free mode This allows turning over photos by one column at a time.
  • loop option It will also come handy, especially if the number of images restricts your feed. It starts the gallery from the beginning each time the audience come to the final photo.
  • scrollbar Don’t forget to check scrollbar. It will show visitors where they are .right now.

Direction Parameters

You can scroll the gallery in horizontal or vertical direction. Choose wisely taking into account the overall design of your website.
Instagram Feed Direction
Instagram feed direction parameters
Check autorotation for the automatic switching of Instagram photos. Its speed can be easily modified. So you will get a wonderful slideshow and impress your audience. You can set option “pause on hover” to stop autorotation and let people view desired photos.
Tip: Don’t make automatic scrolling too fast so that your audience could view all photos on each gallery page.

Animation Effects

After you customize direction of your gallery, it’s now the turn of animation. Are you interested in a pleasant photo browsing? InstaShow will meet this requirement. Choose slide or fade animation effect and animation speed in milliseconds. This will result in how fast slide/fade effect will act.
Instagram Feed Animation
Instagram feed animation effects
You can also select one of animation-easing options. Thus, you will avoid picture’s twitching while scrolling. By customizing these features, nothing interesting will hide from the eyes of your guests. Be sure, everything will be presented in the best look.

Popup Settings

By the way, our widget has one hot option that comes in handy absolutely for any case. Yes, we are talking about super Popup, which UI you can adjust as well. The major part of our clients turns on popup in their feeds to induce an audience to dive into Instagram content. So the proper functioning of this options will play into your hands.
Instagram Feed Popup
Instagram feed popup settings
Popup deep linking is a useful option that allows anyone to share a photo in social media or anywhere else. The visitor can copy the URL of the opened photo in popup. Turn on this feature and attract more audience to your site.
Tip: We recommend you to use popup mode as audience will stay on your website.
Next are popup switch speed and easing options. Adjust them to guarantee a comfortable image scrolling. In addition, our gallery widget is a polyglot. There are 16 languages for comfortable working in any community. By the way, you are able to select where specific photos will be shown. Choose popup mode to show each photo on your site. Instagram mode will show the same right in Instagram.

Get Our Support

That’s all for now. Hope our UI guide will help you make the most of your Instagram feed InstaShow. And stay in touch with our blog! We are going to publish new articles for our top-trending plugins. Don’t hesitate to reach us in Elfsight Support Center. Just submit a ticket and we will make everything clear!

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