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Global Update of Elfsight Instagram Plugins 2016

Dear friends! Our Elfsight team has been working on updates for our Instagram plugins without a break during last 6 months and we are happy to share positive results with you today!
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Global Update of Elfsight Instagram Plugins 2016
Firstly, let us remember why a lot of users and web developers worry about working capacity of all Instagram plugins. This nervousness started after Instagram update on the 17th November, about which you can read in our blog.

Instagram API Changes June 2016

As is well known, new changes of Instagram API come into force on the 1st June. If an Instagram feed plugin didn’t receive permissions from Instagram (as we know, at least 90% of such plugins didn’t), then a representation of Instagram photos on websites becomes greatly restricted and more complicated: each user of an Instagram plugin has to register Client ID himself on official Instagram website. After the registration he will be able to display up to 20 last photos from the photo-sharing network and use only username as a source, which was added to Sand Box of Instagram API Console for the Client ID. By default, there is no opportunity to show photos from other accounts, hashtags, photo URLs or using different combinations of Instagram sources. The majority of Instagram plugins, which are presented on the market, were overtaken by such fate.
Meanwhile, we are happy to inform you that Elfsight team managed to keep 99% functionality of all our Instagram plugins, including: displaying photos from different public usernames, hashtags and photo URLs!
That’s why, using Elfsight InstaShow or InstaLink after June 2016 you will be able to display photos by the following Instagram sources:
  • @usernames;
  • #hashtags;
  • URL (only InstaShow).

Important Updates for Elfsight Instagram Plugins

We prepared important updates for all versions of our Instagram plugins.
If you are one of our clients, please, update your plugin as soon as the new version will be available in order to save its functionality after June 2016.
An absolute majority of our clients just has to update their plugins. Moreover, there is a small innovation for owners of jQuery versions of our Instagram plugins. We will describe it in detail in our next article.

Comprehensive Support for Our Customers

We are ready to provide our customers with the needed support so that the new update would pass as quickly and insensibly as possible.
As the upcoming update is rather complex and it has deep changes, we understand that there is a possibility of encountering different issues during this transition period. In case something doesn’t work at all or works improperly, please, contact us using Elfsight Support Center with a detailed description of an issue appeared in your plugin. The more detailed you describe your issue, the quicker and better we can help you.
We wish you to make your web guests and clients happy with the help of Instagram feeds!
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