No More Need In Instagram Client ID After November 17, 2015

Instagram has recently put changes into its API. It refers to the registration of new Instagram apps. We decided to explain how such changes could affect InstaShow and InstaLink users.
On 17th November 2015 Instagram announced changes in its API. These changes refer to the registration of new Instagram apps. In the following link you are able to learn more about changes in Instagram policy:

How It Refers to InstaShow and InstaLink?

As yet, we have 2 products on Envato market which refers to Instagram – InstaShow and InstaLink. Any customer was able to connect our widgets to Instagram API in 2 different ways:
  • Instagram Access Token
  • Instagram Client ID
For now, according to updates in Instagram your Client ID registered after November 17 doesn’t actually work (or doesn’t suit your widgets). It means that there is only one method left for Instagram API connection – Instagram Access Token. This approach was always a lot more comfortable and faster than getting a personal Client ID. Therefore, occurred changes do well to the user’s experience. Now let’s move on to concrete tips for those who use different versions of our products.

What if I Use InstaShow or InstaLink?

Let’s start with the next point: determine the version of our plugins. Both InstaShow and InstaLink has WordPress and jQuery versions. For each of them we give several recommendations to guarantee the proper functioning.

WordPress Version of InstaShow or InstaLink

Authorize on Instagram website through widget’s admin panel to connect your InstaShow or InstaLink to Instagram API with Access Token. There is no difference from what account you log in Instagram. It can be any username.
Get Instagram Access Token
Authorize in Instagram

jQuery Version of InstaShow or InstaLink

To connect your Instagram plugin to Instagram API you need to get Instagram Access Token here.
There is no difference from what account you log in Instagram. It can be any username.
Get Instagram Access Token
Get your Instagram Access Token

For Both Versions

If you registered Instagram Client ID before 17.11.2015 it will work until June 2016. But we recommend you to reconnect your widget to Instagram API by using Instagram Access Token and not to postpone for a long time.

What if I Still Have Questions about Authorization?

Be free to contact us via Elfsight Support Center for any kind of support. We are ready to help you with any emergent issue.
In addition, keep in touch with our blog to get the further news concerning new Instagram policy.