Before and After Slider for Weebly

Demonstrate how your products and services actually work and level up income
Before and After Slider for Weebly
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Before and After Slider by Elfsight helps you show amazing selling photos for your site. Users will be able to check all the changes that your goods or services bring. Simply upload two pictures to Before and After Slider for Weebly and they will be equipped with a divider which users can move to allow to compare. You can add unlimited slides, and add captions and labels. The divider direction can be horizontal or vertical, and you are free to set the most appropriate picture ratio. Your customers will can’t but buy, when they capture the real result| of your products!

Make your site more efficient for business goals with photos of before and after

We offer useful and uncomplicated features, here are some of them:

  • Embed any amount of Before and After pairs of pictures
  • Write captions with text formatting to each photo
  • Two ready-to-use layouts: List and Carousel
  • Horizontal or vertical moving of the divider
  • Click and drag or simply hover to move the divider
  • Swipe on touch screen devices

Simply try this demo to see what the widget is worth

How to add Before and After Slider to my Weebly website?

Just follow the following steps presented below to embed the widget.

  1. Manage our free configurator and start shaping your custom-made app.
    Find the selected design and parameters of the app and save all the edits.
  2. Acquire the unique code appearing in the box on Elfsight Apps.
    As soon as the setting up of your app is finished, copy the individual code at the appearing box and save it for later usage.
  3. Commence applying of the app on your Weebly site.
    Implement the code copied before into your web page and apply the adjustments.
  4. You’re done! The embedding is fully performed.
    Visit your website to observe the functioning of the app.

On condition of dealing with questions or faced any obstacles, do not be afraid to appeal to our customer service team. Our consultants are eager to help you with all the questions you may have on the plugin.

Tailor the plugin and embed it into your website out of demo.


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