Back to Top Button Features

Explore all the features of Elfsight Scroll Button and how they can help you create the most effective widget.

Scroll position and scrolling speed

The button may appear right after the user scrolls the page to the defined position. You can determine the position in percentage and alter the transition speed to provide seamless user experience in a click.

Pages to display the feature

Demonstrate the button on all pages of your website or choose the specific ones which contain a lot of content. You are also free exclude the pages so that the button will appear on each website page except the ones you’ve marked as excluded.


The Back to Top button is compatible with any device – from desktop to smartphone. So you don’t have to worry about your mobile audience – they can enjoy your convenient navigation options along with the desktop users.


Position options

You may choose the button type – it can be floating and accompany the user all the way through the scrolling of your website, or embedded which is perfect for introducing into your website’s content zone. The floating button features 8 positions.


Mark the offset in pixels so you could make the button highly visible for your audience or inappreciable. Whatever your choice is you can be sure your users will easily return back to the top.


You may create a horizontal or vertical button. These two options are there so that you could create a button which will perfectly fit with your website design.

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Change the size

You are free to create small, medium or large button. Don’t hesitate – whatever your choice is, the button will perfectly fit with overall website’s styling. The size can be changed any moment you need.

Choose the shape and border

There are three shape options – your button can be square, rounded or circular. Each button may contain a contrasting border to make it more visible on the page. The border can be easily switched off in a click.

Pick the font weight

Each button is accompanied by text. You are free to make it bold to highlight the button on the pages of your website. Or make the text normal and choose other ways to draw users attention.

Recolor the button

Back to Top is extremely customizable. You may recolor the button itself, the text and the icon and choose the border color. Create a contrasting button or make it look like native feature – it’s up to you to decide!


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