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Back to Top Button Examples

Check scroll button examples to reveal the full potential of the widget. Make sure it will suit your any goals.

Example 1. Back to Top button

The button is placed in the bottom right corner. The Floating type helps it always stay in sight.

Example 2. Scroll to Top button

This button is only featured with an icon and bright color. The border is off not to clutter up the feature with extra details.

Example 3. Back to Top button

You are free to choose the shape of your button. Here we see a bright square feature with a horizontal layout.

Example 4. Back to Top button

This button looks quite vivid yet does not distract users from the content. It features text and the icon.

Example 5. Back to Top button

Back to Top button here is of medium size. Placed in the right center, it looks like an organic trait of the website’s design.
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Example 6. Scroll to Top button

This moderate button only accompanied by an icon and a border. It will not be difficult for users to understand what it is intended for.

Example 7. Scroll to Top link

The absent border helps integrate the button seamlessly into the website’s content zone. The text helps users get the message right.

Example 8. Go to Top link

Don’t want to lumber up your website’s interface with irrelevant details? Simply choose the button position, get rid of borders and your perfect button is ready!

Example 9. Go to Top button

Placed in the bottom center of the page, this button is perfect for mobile devices.

Example 10. Scroll to Top button

This minimalist button only features an icon. The black background helps it catch the eye.

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