Best Podcast Affiliate Marketing Programs: Tips & Ideas

Monetizing a podcast can often be challenging. Learn how podcast affiliate programs may be excellent and profitable for your show.

What is Affiliate Marketing for Podcasters?

Affiliate marketing podcast is simply promoting a service, brand, or product, on a podcast in exchange for a commission. Generally, starting a podcast and building a loyal following requires a lot of money and time. Hence, this affiliate program offers a way to make money while at it.

How do Podcasters Choose an Affiliate Program?

The idea is to find an affiliate program that’s related to your podcast’s niche or topic and sign up. Here’s how to choose an affiliate program as a podcaster:

  1. Consider an interesting topic
    Start by researching and choosing a topic that will interest your audience. Your topics should also be engaging, and relate to the affiliate product, e.g. for a podcast on digital marketing, you can promote development-related products.
  2. Check the necessary marketing materials
    Before opting for an affiliate program, ensure that you have all the needed marketing materials and distribution methods.  For a podcast, you’ll require coupons and promotional codes that listeners can use to patronize the brand.
  3. Go for the program with good payment conditions 
    It’s important to choose an affiliate program with transparent payout rules, easy and multiple withdrawal options, as well as one that offers a high commission. This helps you to monetize your podcast efficiently.

Strategies for Integrating an Affiliate Program into a Podcast

To integrate an affiliate program into your podcast, create a website for the podcast where listeners could see more about your topic or niche and sign up.
Affiliate programs give an assigned code linked with the products they offer. Place the code as a link at the end of your podcast episodes, live-streaming videos, or show notes. When your audience or listeners click on the link, they can register and purchase the products. Also, if your listeners buy something via the link, you’ll receive affiliate commissions.

The Best Program for Marketing/Dev/E-commerce podcasters?

ElfsightOther affiliate programs
Entry feesFree to joinMonthly/annual fees
Commission30% recurring 20% – 30% one-time
Cookie lifespan lifetime 60 – 90 days
Marketing  materialsCustom coupons, promo codes, banners, widget catalogs and demosGuideline
SupportHelp docs, online chat, personal account managerHelp docs, ticket system
Tracking toolsPersonal dashboard Monthly reports

Getting a good program for your marketing/dev/Ecommerce podcast can help you to earn more money. Elfsight is a multipurpose SaaS platform that offers a great affiliate program for tech podcasters. Click here to explore all the perks of the program.

Top 5 Podcast Affiliate Programs

This short checklist will help you to get started with the affiliate marketing, podcasting:

  1. Amazon Associates
    Amazon Associates is a popular podcast affiliate program due to Amazon’s large size. You’d get something on Amazon to match, regardless of the topic and niche your podcast is. You’d earn $5 for any person who signs up for the free trial of Audible via your link.
  2. Skillshare
    Skillshare offers one of the best affiliate marketing podcasts. The platform organizes information into various courses. With this platform, your audience or listeners can access about 29,000 diverse classes on various topics. It covers everything from marketing, creative writing to website development. You’ll receive $7 for any new customer you refer through your affiliate link.
  3. Fiverr
    Fiverr is a huge platform for buying and selling services. It houses book editors, content creators, website designers, graphic artists, and programmers. This global platform has a nice affiliate offer where you can easily promote your podcast.
  4. RedBubble
    Ever thought of creating and selling your own merchandise? Do you have a loyal following on your podcast, no matter their size? Then Red Bubble can help you manufacture and even ship your merch. It offers 10% within the 30 days cookie-life time.
  5. Manscaped
    Manscaped is a platform that offers affiliate marketing for podcasts. It sells various male grooming products, including nail trimming kits, boxers, cologne, and t-shirts. The platform also has the potential for female-based podcasts to promote the Manscaped platform as a hint or gift. One podcast “ad” of about 30,000 listeners can be worth hundreds of dollars for you.

How to Become an Affiliate if you’re a Podcaster?

Here is a step-by-step instruction to help you start with affiliate marketing while podcasting:

  1. Get a good affiliate program
    Begin the journey by researching a podcast affiliate program good for you. You may also want to research in your podcast topic or niche to determine the program they use or might be more profitable.
  2. Register as an affiliate
    It’s important to register as an affiliate to become fully involved. Register by giving in the needed details. Also, make sure you read and agree with all the policies and guidelines guiding the program. Then, wait to receive the links and necessary marketing materials.
  3. Develop a way to integrate affiliate links
    Find the right strategies to input the affiliate links at the end of your podcast via captions, pictures, or videos. Also create an interesting and engaging podcast topic related to the program to market the products via affiliate links.
  4. Monitor your results
    Podcast affiliate marketing can be more profitable if you often monitor your progress while aiming to improve. You can monitor your result via the website you created for the podcast to see the estimated number of your podcast listeners and clicks. In particular, use analytics tools to know the website and podcast traffic and growth. 


We hope this article will help you find a right way to start affiliate marketing if you’re a podcaster. Choosing to sell products that give you more commission per sale is a profitable idea. But don’t forget the product or service should relate to your podcast series.

The more listeners you have for your Podcast, the greater are their chances of buying a product or service based on your endorsement. That’s why affiliate marketing looks easiest for podcasters with a considerable number of active listeners.

Good luck in all your endeavors!

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