Best Social Media Affiliate Marketing Programs

Using social media can take your affiliate marketing to a whole new level. Read on for the best social media platforms for affiliate marketing.

What is Social Media Affiliate Marketing?

Social media affiliate marketing is essentially promoting brands and their products using special links on social media platforms. This type of marketing works best when you have or are able to build a large following audience. That way, more people will be able to click on, or buy a product using the link.

How to Choose an Affiliate Program for Working in Social Networks?

Looking to use affiliate marketing through social media? Here are 5 practical tips to get started with. These tips can also be helpful in affiliate marketing without social media.

  • Choose the Payback
    First, think about what you wish to achieve with the affiliate program. Next, decide on the payback you want. For instance, know if you’d drive traffic from paid advertising on social media, and make sure to calculate your metrics.
  • Ensure the availability of the marketing materials
    To advertise, you need marketing materials which differ depending on social media: various options for running adverts e.g. screencasts on Facebook, IG reels, TikTok format or Youtube pre-rolls.
  • Evaluate the program records
    Check the program and product success, feedback, and demand. You can use the program’s feedback and rating to determine if it’d be suitable for you or worth the attention.
  • Consider the Payout conditions
    Determine the program’s commission models, payment, and attribution. In particular, check for the program’s payout conditions like percent on sales, commission model (one-time or recurring), if it offers multiple payment options, withdrawal methods, and percentage.
  • Find traffic for the program
    Finally, you need a sure way to get traffic. Check how your competitors are getting traffic and high conversions, and work on that. 

Reviewing Best Affiliate Program for Marketing Social Media

ElfsightOther affiliate programs
Entry feesFree to joinMonthly/annual fees
Commission30% recurring 20% – 30% one-time
Cookie lifespan lifetime 60 – 90 days
Marketing  materialsCustom coupons, promo codes, banners, widget catalogs and demosGuideline
SupportHelp docs, online chat, personal account managerHelp docs, ticket system
Tracking toolsPersonal dashboard Monthly reports

Finding a good program for social media affiliate marketing can make a big profitable difference. Elfsight is a multipurpose SaaS platform that is really popular among website owners, so it helps you generate fast passive income, just using social media advertising channels. Click here to explore and calculate your future income.

3 Best Social Media for Affiliate Marketing

The following are the best social media for affiliate marketing:

  1. Facebook
    Facebook, with over 1.63 billion daily users, is the largest avenue for social media affiliate marketing. In fact, many companies see it as the second site of their businesses. You can use any or all of these tools: Private profiles, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, and Facebook Marketplace. Also, it’s advisable to create a business page instead of using your personal account to share affiliate links. It is more efficient, and allows you to see insights and stats on the ads you run.
  2. Instagram
    You can place affiliate marketing links on Instagram provided you have up to 1000 followers.  There’s no limit to the size of the text you can use to explain a link or service. More so, you can use Instagram stories, Link in bio, Shoppable posts, Swipe up, and Highlights, to attract your target audience. With the launch of the Instagram native affiliate tool, it is now possible for you to get compensated for sharing product recommendations.
  3. YouTube
    YouTube is highly rated for social media affiliate marketing, and it mainly needs you to create interesting videos. The platform might just be the perfect platform for those who publish tutorials, resell software, or conduct “Question and Answer” video sessions. It’s also helpful for affiliates marketing different kinds of products. The good thing about creating YouTube videos is that you can always re-publish or re-use the videos on other social media platforms.

How to Become an Affiliate Partner?

  1. Find a good affiliate program
    Get started by researching a social media affiliate program suitable for you. Also, research affiliate partners in your niche to know the program they are using.
  2. Register as an Affiliate
    After finding a reliable affiliate program, register by inputting the required details. Ensure you read and agree with all the program policies and guidelines. Then, wait to get the marketing materials and links.
  3. Create a plan to integrate affiliate links
    Add the links to captions, pictures, or videos in your social media posts. The idea is to create interesting and catchy posts to market the products via affiliate links. You can even make affiliate marketing guest posts and include the links directly into the posts.
  4. Track your results
    Social media affiliate marketing can be more profitable if you often track your results and evolve according to what you’ve learned. You can use analytics tools to monitor your result or progress while finding out the types of affiliate resources that work best. Some vital metrics to track your performance include Page Views, Time Spent on Page, Traffic by Channel, Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, SERP Rankings, and Top Traffic Posts.

Top 5 programs for Social Media Affiliate Marketing

Below are the 5 best affiliate programs for social media affiliate marketing in 2022, in no particular order.

  1. is a tool made to help manage your entire online community from mentions to followers and leads. Its affiliate program is a great way to earn money – they offer 30% of the revenue of every paying customer you bring to You even receive an extra bonus for bringing in free customers.
  2. SEMrush
    SEMrush has its own BeRush affiliate program. Service is used for analyzing your social media strategy, SEO, paid traffic, and many more. The affiliate program provides all affiliates with 40% recurring commission for every new user.
  3.  Social Searcher
    Social Searcher is a free social media search engine to monitor social mentions across social media. If you’re an affiliate of Social Searcher, you can earn 50% commission for the first month’s referral and then a 10% commission for every following month’s payments.
  4.  SocialOomph
    SocialOomph is a social media tool designed to schedule content, track keywords, view mentions, follow RSS feeds, and more. It offers 40% recurring commission.
  5. Tailwind
    Tailwind is a simple social media tool made for Pinterest and Instagram mostly. They provide affiliates with the 15% recurring commission within 90 days referral window.


You don’t have to be an expert in social media to start sharing your affiliate link on Facebook or Instagram. We hope these article tips will help you start with affiliate marketing today. Good luck in all your endeavors!

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