Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Influencers & Bloggers

Check this article about how easily monetize your social media or blog traffic, starting influencer affiliate marketing today.

What is Affiliate Marketing for Influencers and Bloggers? 

Influencer affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy where individual influencers or bloggers recommend some products or services to their audience on social media in exchange for a commission on sales, lead signups, or clicks. So if you’re a trusted source of no-code inspiration on Facebook, Instagram or you have your own blog, you could easily generate income — just by including affiliate links to your content.

In this article post, we’ll describe how affiliate marketing for influencers works, how you can get started, which affiliate program to choose to earn as much as possible and build your brand!

Influencer Affiliate Marketing

Using social media, influencers can now promote a business in return for a commission on traffic, sales, clicks, or lead signups. They can either work for the company directly, or via an affiliate network. They also make use of special links to differentiate their own sales from others.

Blogger Affiliate Marketing

Using a link that identifies their blog, bloggers can now promote a brand in return for a commission whenever a reader clicks on, or buys a product via their link. Due to their large social media following, many influencers often set up blogs too, as a way to diversify their income and get more traffic.

How to choose an Affiliate Program for Bloggers or Influencers

Check out the following to select the best affiliate marketing programs for bloggers:

  • Analyze your audience
    Start by examining your audience and find out the topics and even products that will interest them. Ensure the program and products are high-quality and relevant to your readers. The idea is to market products or services that bring traffic to your site, while having a loyal audience and customers.
  • Find how to communicate the offer
    Find the best way to communicate the offer or the products to your readers. You can also use different distribution methods or tools present in the affiliate program, like coupons, promotional codes, links, banners, and videos to market the products. Your strategy must be able to attract, and help your audience to see and patronize these products.
  • Evaluate the affiliate program
    Use key metrics to evaluate the affiliate program. Check the reviews of the affiliate program and its marketing materials. Confirm if it uses a card, and supports PayPal, or any other payment method. Also, check its payment frequency and minimum payout amount. You want to choose a program that meets your needs, and offers you convenience.

Best Affiliate Program for Dev/Tech Blogs Influencers

Looking for the best program as a dev, marketing, or tech blogger? Take a look at Elfsight. It’s a multi-purpose SaaS service that offers the best affiliate program for bloggers and influencers. Their perks are:

  • 30% recurring commission
  • lifetime revenue for as long as a referral remain Elfsight customer
  • instant payouts to your PayPal, Payoneer or bank account.
ElfsightOther affiliate programs
Entry feesFree to joinMonthly/annual fees
+ integration costs
Commission30% recurring 20% – 30% one-time
Cookie lifespan lifetime 60 – 90 days
Marketing  materialsLogos, video samples, scripts, widget catalogsGuideline
SupportHelp docs, online chat, personal account managerHelp docs, ticket system
Tracking toolsPersonal dashboard Monthly reports

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Top 5 Affiliate Networks for Bloggers and Influencers

An Affiliate network serves as a middleman that connects influencers and bloggers with brands or merchants that provide affiliate program opportunities for their services or products. In no particular order, the best 5 affiliate networks include:

  1. ClickBank
    ClickBank is a great option if you’re looking for an influencer affiliate program that provides various affiliate marketing options. They have been in the game for a while, and offer several high-paying affiliate opportunities. Their commission structure is also one of the best out there.
  2. ShareASale
    Established in 2000, ShareAsale is one of the reputable platforms for blogging affiliate and affiliate influencer marketing. It provides more than 3,900 items in 40 diverse categories, ensuring that there’s almost something for everyone. They also support many payment methods.
  3. CJ Affiliate
    They give access to over 3,000 products, and offer real-time reporting on sales. For their best performers, they also have a rewarding Content Certified Program. If you have an established audience and are looking for the best affiliate programs for influencers, consider CJ Affiliate.
  4. Pepperjam
    Pepperjam is a nice platform for affiliate programs for bloggers and affiliate marketing for influencers. The platform pays twice a month provided that the blogger gets the minimum $25 balance. Also, they offer several payment options.
  5. Amazon Associates
    Amazon Associates is a popular affiliate network for bloggers and influencers due to Amazon’s large size. This network is a great choice if you don’t have a specific niche on your channel, or on the contrary, if you have a specific niche. It’s also one of the best affiliate programs for tech blogs.

How to Become an Affiliate Partner?

  • Find a reliable affiliate program
    Begin by researching an affiliate program that’s suitable for your blog or niche. You can also research affiliate partners in your niche and know what programs they’re using.
  • Register as an Affiliate
    Register for the program by providing the details required of you. More so, read and agree with all the program policies and guidelines. Then, wait to get the marketing materials and links.
  • Develop a plan to integrate affiliate links
    For influencers using social media platforms, you can add your links to post descriptions, videos or comments. For bloggers though, creating a blog for affiliate marketing is important. You can even make affiliate marketing guest posts and include the links directly into the blog posts.
  • Improve and Monitor your Progress
    To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to continually find means of ranking your blog or page higher. Use important metrics — Page Views, Time Spent on Page, Traffic by Channel, Bounce Rate, Pages Per Visit, SERP Rankings, and Top Traffic Posts — to track the performance of your blog.


In conclusion, you don’t have to be an expert in the affiliate marketing industry to get started with influence affiliate marketing or blogging. In theory, virtually anybody can be an influencer. All you need is to have an online audience who will trust your recommendations and support, thus you can generate lots of leads via your affiliate links.

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